Human Design Coaching
with Nattalee K Lillico

Human Design Coaching
holds the keys to your professional and personal fulfillment

Discover and Embrace Your Highest Potential
by Understanding Your Human Design

You tried to succeed the way your family or teachers told you, but it did not work out.

You forged ahead to burnout and exhaustion, but that didn’t work either.

You want progress and results, right!? You are willing to not fit in with the crowds, take risks, and preserve.

You know there must be a straightforward path to success and satisfaction.

Human Design shows you how to:

  • Release your conditioning and false beliefs that slow you down

  • Understand and align with your authentic expression

  • Be the leader of your empowered journey

  • Light and blaze the trail your Design is destined for

Your Human Design Chart reveals your unique success formula!

By working with a Human Design Coach, you can better understand your Human Design Chart to make it work for you; it holds all the answers and keys to you living your success in both personal life and business.

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Human Design for life coaching

Human Design for Life and Fulfillment

Human Design can help you understand and follow your unique design.
Get the most from your Human Design chart.

  • Relax into your uniqueness

  • Feel more peaceful and in flow

  • Accomplish your intentions authentically

  • Increased affinity with yourself and others

Human Design for Work & Business Success

Human Design is a powerful business tool saving years of trial and error.

  • Increased personal alignment

  • Find out what other designs you work best with and why

  • More efficient planning

  • Avoid burnout and let things happen naturally in your flow

  • Carve out your path of least resistance for impact, and income

Human Design for business and entrepreneurs working

Nattalee K Lillico

Coach & Human Design Expert with over 30 years experience

Meet Nattalee, your Coach, Leading Human Design Expert, and Founder of Align with Your Design. She doesn’t just reveal your Genius; Nattalee helps you to engage it.

Nattalee K Lillico - Human Design Coach & Expert

Coaching Testimonials

I feel more confident to promote and structure my business!
Meeting Nattalee has been the most significant help in my journey so far. I feel more confident to promote and structure my business so that it serves my clients to prosper but also myself beautifully. 

KK, Health Coach

I took a huge leap forward after my sessions. 

Her work is elegant and professional with a transmission that’s worth its weight in gold! I took a huge leap forward after my sessions. 

AB, Entrepreneur

My best year ever, in all areas of my life, was the year I worked with Nattalee.

EK, Commercial Realtor

I understand who I am!

Deciding to have an analysis with Nattalee is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m excited to begin my new year with far less baggage. I understand who I am and can stop the doubting and criticism.

Mary Lou, Concord, Ca

This has been life changing for me.

From my Human Design session with Nattalee I felt grounded in who I am. It was beneficial and invigorating, so much so that I’m convinced anyone who has a meeting with her would have similar profoundly moving experiences. This has been life changing for me!

Cynthia B., Psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

You really “got” me!

You really “got” me at a level I have not experienced before. I am looking forward to listening again and again. I want to thank you from my heart! You’re *very* good at this and I appreciate it!”

Kim B, Psychotherapist, Phoenix, AZ

I am inspires me to be in alignment with my passion and purpose.

It’s very evident that this is your purpose, and it’s lovely to hear the passion in your voice. It inspires me to be in alignment with my passion and purpose, as well as it gives me an idea of what it sounds like. You’ve shown me a fresh way.

KT, Model & Healer, Oakland, CA

I love how this information helps me make better decisions.

I found my reading extreme extremely comprehensive and pertinent to my life situations. I love how the information helps me make better decisions. I notice I am more accepting of who I am.

Maye S. , Attorney, NYC

Immediately, I began getting along better with my husband.

You make all of this (Human Design) so easy and user-friendly. Immediately, I began getting along better with my husband. Thank you so much!

SH, Parent and Teacher, Houston, TX

I am open to explore options I would not have considered.

Your descriptions and insights of my essences have inspired me to explore options I would not have considered. I look forward to working with you again soon!

D.K. , Executive Coach, Ontario, CA

This was an incredible experience on so many levels!

I think you are utterly amazing – both in a business perspective and, as a human – your heart. I have gained greater confidence, a sense of self, excitement and… clarity. Clarity feels good. You’re a genuine leader – you have so much kindness, compassion, wisdom, love and natural giving support in you. It was incredible on so many levels to receive your guidance. Thank you kindly! 1/3 Man Gen. Coach and Trainer

Rachel, Coaching and Entrepreneur, Vancouver BC
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