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Nattalee K Lillico – Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach
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Nattalee believes quality authentic relationships are the essential ingredient for our success in business and in life. For over 25 years, Nattalee has built her business and success on this fundamental yet straightforward philosophy.

She has developed a successful career in marketing and consultative selling to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies. In private practice since 2006, her intuitive insights and reliable coaching techniques have created breakthroughs and desired results for hundreds of clients.
Nattalee is the only recognized Genius Report Trainer in the United States.

Hello and Welcome!

It is my greatest joy to assist you in living an authentic and satisfying life!

I take a comprehensive approach to support individuals and groups in aligning with their professional expression and personal happiness. The Human Design System is at the core of my work to reinforce your greatness. Promoting your professional brilliance with precision and practicality, I utilize The Genius Report.

Do you have desires to excel at leading, creating, and relating?

If yes, then you know the ultimate success is not a bonus check or title, but rather a deep sense of self-fulfillment and serving others. To reach that level of contentment and satisfaction, it requires making tough decisions, perseverance, and risk not fitting in with the crowds.
I’ve helped hundreds of clients move through their habits, conditioning, and beliefs that had kept them from having the life experiences they desired.
What emerged for them was a more authentic and natural way of living.
My approach to coaching is both practical and allows you to color outside the lines to find your solutions and results. Our coaching focuses on your uniqueness and how you want to express yourself in the world.
Be aligned with your Design and watch the magic unfold!

Meeting Nattalee has been the most significant help in my journey so far. I feel more confident to promote and structure my business so that it serves my clients to prosper but also myself beautifully. 

KK, Health Coach

Her work is elegant and professional with a transmission that’s worth its weight in gold! I took a huge leap forward after my sessions. 

AB, Entrepreneur

My best year ever, in all areas of my life, was the year I worked with Nattalee.

EK, Commercial Realtor

Deciding to have an analysis with Nattalee is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m excited to begin my new year with far less baggage. I understand who I am and can stop the doubting and criticism.

Mary Lou, Concord, Ca

From my Human Design session with Nattalee I felt grounded in who I am. It was beneficial and invigorating so much so that I’m convinced anyone who has a meeting with her would have similar profoundly moving experiences. This has been life changing!

Cynthia B., Psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

You really “got” me at a level I have not experienced before. I am looking forward to listening again, and again. I want to thank you from my heart! You’re*very* good at this and I appreciate it!”

Kim B, Psychotherapist, Phoenix, AZ

It’s very evident that this is your purpose and it’s lovely to hear the passion in your voice. It inspires me to be in alignment with my passion and purpose as well as it gives me an idea of what it sounds like. You’ve shown me a new way.

KT, Model & Healer, Oakland, CA

I found my reading extreme extremely comprehensive and pertinent to my life situations. I love how the information helps me make better decisions. I notice I am more accepting of who I am.

Maye S. , Attorney, NYC

You make all of this (Human Design) so easy and user-friendly. Immediately I began getting along better with my husband. Thank you so much!

SH, Parent and Teacher, Houston, TX

Your descriptions and insights of my essences have inspired me to explore options I would not have considered. I look forward to working with you again soon!

D.K. , Executive Coach, Ontario, CA
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About the Human Design System

Nattalee is a certified Human Design Analyst and Guide since 2006. This revolutionary science mirrors your genetic codes (from your birth information) through a body graph providing physical, emotional, and spiritual understandings. More about Human Design.

What is the Venus Sequence

How we process and take responsibilty for our feelings directly impacts the quality of our relationships. Within a person’s Human Design chart is the story of our emotional, tragic and well being. Nattalee studied directly with Richard Rudd in 2006, as well as several years of group study. More about Venus Sequence

A Note about the Genius Report

The Genius Report is a professional profiling tool that is birthed from the Human Design System and is designed to highlight your strengths and talents at work. This tool is not what job is best for me report. Instead, you’ll gain sharp details that can help you understand how you are best designed to get results in the material world. Nattalee has successfully used the Genius Report with her clients since 2015.  More about Genius Report.

The Venus Sequence Human Design