Who can place a price tag on quality relationships?

When we have a missed communication with a colleague, friend, or anyone close, that disconnect can pull the rug out from under us, sometimes for days.

Congenial relationships do not happen by accident. They need to have a mutual desire and effort from both to stay alive and vibrant.

Recently, I came across an article the 10 Things People Regret Most on Their Death Bed.

The two that jumped out for me were #3, “I wish I didn’t hold back my feelings.”

Have you ever stuffed your true feelings to keep a friendship? I have many times. I used my pain of self-sacrifice as a vehicle to get help. I found an education that cultivated my self-awareness and communication skills, and to break my patterns.

Speaking our truth is a practiced skill. We must be willing to risk not only, not doing it correctly but a possible loss of our relationship.

“I wish I were happier,” is at #5 on the lists. Do you react or defend yourself when faced with a relationship conflict? Yikes, I raise my hand on this one too.  Half of my life was feeling defensive at other people’s upset. Again, my discomfort moved me towards quality and sustainable solutions.

Do you think outside forces control your emotions or level of happiness? If so, consider another perspective. Staying neutral and evenhanded, when others are upset, can bridge you to resolutions. More importantly, remember that your happiness cultivates better health and more positive experiences.

No doubt, at the core of each of the ten regrets is feelings of missing quality relationships opportunities, be it with one’s self or others. How about you?
Do you have regrets about past relationships with your friends or family? Do wish you were skilled at communicating your feelings or more self-accepting?

I invite you to listen, learn, and shine a light on simple ways you can have more satisfying and successful relationship experiences – today. Would you invest one hour of your time and $15 to have a better quality of life?

New appreciations from clients.

“My relationship with my husband and stepson has radically changed from our sessions. So much so I have referred three of my clients to you.”
DHW Therapist  

“Understanding my husband’s trigger point has helped me not take his behaviors so personally. I can appreciate that he is wired differently than me.”
NNY, Real Estate Development

Are you ready to transform your relationship patterns, from struggle sing to flow?
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