Do you have a 6th line in your Profile or
lots of 6th lines in your Human Design chart?

As you know from reading some of my posts, I’m 6.2 Sacral Generator, post Chiron Return.
The other day I was feeling the pressures of the speediness of my life experiences (work and home). I was doing my best to balance and stay awake in the present moment. As I was ending my work day, my housemate left to run some errands.  Within minutes of her departure I could feel my body relax. I notice that I was breathing more deeply. I notice my head felt clear, open and expanded. I tracked and noted this experience as self-awareness most definitely reflective of a 6.2 Profile. To be clear, my housemate and I get along. The spaciousness of our house is more than enough…

If you were to place the 6 lines of the IChing Hexagrams over the body, the 6th line is in the head or right above it and the 2nd line is body (sexual area). The 6th line can connect to other worlds and perhaps other unseen subtleties. They are psychic and  spiritual people. The 2nd line loves to be  naturally flowing, without any pressures and luxuriates in feeling relaxed.

Tracking my current experience of my housemate and how I felt being alone, reminded me the basic Human Design training for Children. Parents with 6th line beings is to  give your them their own room, if possible, or at the least give them extended time alone. (Safety first)
Stone on pond
Later that night, I speaking with another 6.2 Human Design friend, we were musing about the 6/2 process. She shared with me that her housemate had left earlier that day for a 4-Day holiday. She had a similar experience as I did upon their departure. She recalled feeling relaxed and expanded both physically and mentally.  It was very validated for us, especially since the conversation came up organically.
I wanted share our experiences here so you could share your comments and experiences; either for yourself, as a 6/2 Profile or others you know who are 6th Line beings.
Do you notice a need to have a lot space (alone time)?
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