Do you have a 6th line in your Profile or
lots of 6th lines in your Human Design chart?

I’m 6/2 Sacral Generator, in my post-Chiron Return phase of life.

The other day I was feeling the pressures of the speediness of my life. I was doing my best to balance and stay awake in the present moment. Then something happened that woke me up and brought more clarity to what could be a root cause for some of my stress. In a nutshell, I need more time along.

Late one afternoon last week, as I was completing my workday, my housemate left the house to run some errands.  Within minutes of her departure, I could feel my body relax. I notice that I was breathing more deeply. My thinking felt bright, open, and expanded.

To be clear, my housemate and I get along. The spaciousness of our house is more than enough for us to have our own space in the house and for sleeping.

It was the experience of before and after (her being in the house) that polished my awareness that the 6th line people need for solitude.

If you were to place the six lines of the IChing Hexagrams over the body, the 6th line is in the head or right above it.

The 6th line being has access to connecting to other worlds and psychic abilities.  They are considered, of all the Profiles lines, to be the spiritual people.

My experience with my housemate reminded me, as stated in the basic Human Design training for Children:
Parents of 6th line children are advised to give them a separate room, if possible, or at the least give them extended time alone.

Am I crazy, or am I a Role Modle?

Later that night, I spoke with another 6/2 Human Design friend.  Most of our conversation include innocent musing about the 6/2 process.

In this particular conversation, she shared that her housemate had left earlier that day for a 4-Day holiday. She recalled a similar experience and described feeling relaxed and expanded, both physically and mentally.

It was very validated and bonding time for us, especially since our experiences were on the same day and that the conversation came up organically.

Do you find that you need to have a lot of time alone? How often? Please share in the comments below.

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