About Me

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” For decades that question stirred fear in me that I might be missing something. Instead, I realized that I have walked into my life’s work serendipitously.

At the ripe age of Thirty-two, I followed my calling to leave my family and Midwestern roots with my ten-year-old son, thirteen years work experience as a grocery store clerk, my new Associate Degree in Business, desires for change, and $5,000 in cash, all packed neatly in the back seat of my car. Destination, San Diego, California. My vision was to have a successful career in sales.

About a year later I landed a job at a telemarketing company that specialized in representing motivational and productivity speakers; including some of the biggest names in the industry. In that era (early 90’s), the public seminars business was gaining speed and profits. Six short months later I was hired by one of our clients to establish a seminar department at their home office.

Since then, I have partnered with and worked for over a dozen award-winning authors and professional training organizations. I got my ‘Masters Degree’ in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Leadership from the best.

Education and Resources

Development Programs:
Consultative & High Trust Selling, Personal Marketing Programs, Leadership Development, Career, Accountability, and Executive Coaching Programs

Communication Course Study, Training, and Facilitation:
Communicate to Influence, The Consultative Approach, Landmark Education, Getting Real, and Conscious Communication
Certifications: Career Coaching (ICF), Appreciative Inquiry, and Speaking Circles, Int’l

I was first introduced to Human Design in 1999 and am a Professional Analyst and Teacher since 2006. Intensive course study with the Gene Keys began in 2006. I am first generation practitioner of Venus Sequence as well as the first Genius Report Coach and Teacher in the United States in 2016.

Behind the scenes, is a tapestry of esoteric studies including meditation (30+years) and Expressive Arts (20+ years).

How I work

When you know who you are at your core, you recognize what works for you and what drains you. Knowing this is one thing. Consistently acting in harmony with your intelligence is how you get reliable results. Our sessions provide you with a feedback loop to get your foundation in place. Then you can pivot your perspective to solutions with less effort, and experience confidence and clarity to lead yourself and others to positive outcomes.

NOTE: What you are about to read may sound like every other coach or mentor, it is not. What’s different here is a process that is driven by your unique Design and formula for results. You get from point A to B congruent with your nature. Faster and better? Maybe, if that is what is congruent for you.


  • Assess – I want to know your story. Where have you been and what changes do you want to make now and over the next few years.
  • Aim –The Aim process and tools guide you to identify which people and projects are moving you towards your goals or against them allowing your target to be crystal clear.
  • Arrange – Gain insights to arranging your day to get the most from your time based on your priorities and energy level.
  • Actions – Discover and commit to daily habits that provide a successful foundation for your professional improvements and satisfaction.
  • Accountability – We do, be, and have more when we have a partner or support than we would on our own.  We’ll determine what kind of accountability works for you.
  • Awareness – Time away, stillness practice, and reflection are the secret sauce to your successful outcomes. Pushing yourself away from the activity to hear your innate guidance is paramount in our fast-paced lives.

Mentoring requires the same skills and tools as a coach such as powerful questioning, confidentiality, and empathic listening.

Typically, coaches do not offer advice or opinion, where mentoring may include information. A Mentor’s primary focus is on the development fascet while the mentored is reaching for their goal.

The Mastermind principle is a scientific method of focusing the power of thought for the specific purpose of establishing a direct connection with each other and the Mastermind. As a result, thousands of people have demonstrated dramatic, positive changes in their lives, and have experienced a happy and prosperous.

Sourcing the right allies can make all the difference in our work and personal happiness. Knowing we can rely on the support of others who are also striving and going for their aspirations will elevate us to do or be more than we would on our own.

IHDS Certified Professional          

“Life Changing! From my first consultation with Nattalee ‘things’ in my life, especially in my business, shifted for me.

I had accomplished a lot in my career by WORKING SO HARD to make things happen. I felt unsatisfied and unfinished. I use to doubt whether I had followed the right path. I questioned how to find more FLOW and ease in my life.

With Nattalee’s coaching, I released tremendous stress and pressure and found more peace of mind almost immediately. Her coaching style and structures brought me results. Within weeks, I obtained four new contracts with two more in the works!

What is the most fantastic life changer is I discovered what I want to be when I grow up! My path is clear as a bell.

I’ve already referred Nattalee to many friends and when you have the opportunity, which is NOW, don’t hesitate to find out more about who you are… and obtain some indispensable tools for your life journey.”

“I’ve worked with other coaches and consultants who became frustrated with me because I did not fit into their format and approach. Nattalee you are able to tune-in deeply to identify with me and my unique personality.

I feel your encouragement nudging me to stay tuned to detail and effectiveness of my time and energy. I have a desire to be responsible for the purpose of our coaching relationship. My life is deeply enriched by your humour, wisdom and insights.”

“After working with Nattalee, I can’t now imagine having another coach who didn’t use Human Design. I felt seen and appreciated.

Her gentle guidance helped me to learn how to pay attention to my strategy and authority so that I can live out my life purpose. Her great coaching continues as I hear her voice still many months later.”

Deb Kemp, Management Consultant, Vancouver, Canada

“She has an amazing ability to blend coaching, Human Design and spiritual principles in a seamless format that benefited me enormously. When I first worked with Nattalee I had recently ended a relationship and was considering additional major life changes.

Her focus, presence and impressively insightful style guided me to strengths and awareness I could not have imagined.Nattalee is a most amazing coach. She Rocks!!!”

Michael B, Educator, Coach Quincy MA

“I learned more about myself and how I needed to slow down in order to accomplish more. I stopped volunteering, became less overwhelmed, and made space in my life to attract exactly what I wanted. I made significant and desired changes in my life. I now have a clear and realistic action plan.

Nattalee you’re the best at keeping me on track and motivated!”

I had enough knowledge about Human Design that I understood how important it was to give my start-up business and team this advantage.

My CFO and I had several strategy meetings with Nattalee followed with including our sales team.  The conclusions were so accurate!

Each person was validated for their strengths and received doable strategies to increase their marketing and sales efforts. An unexpected bonus was that my team were having more positive collaborations with each other.

This investment in my team has paid off repeatedly.

TF, AVAR Products.

I was into my 2nd decade as an Entrepreneur, two start-ups with good success in most areas.  I was feeling burdened and the mounting friction with my business partner was telling me I needed to make some changes.

Nattalee, using both my Human Design and Genius Report validated and encouraged many of my skills and talents I had sensed, but hearing them interpreted really brought them to life for me. Within a few strategy sessions, I had crystalized what was sustainable and what actions would benefit me, my family, my two businesses, and professional relationships.

I am forever gratefully for my initiation to recharge my batteries, letting go of the hustle mentality and giving myself space for more creativity to flow. I stopped trying to make myself fit my talents in the wrong parts of my business.

It is so refreshing to find a system that honors our strengths.

BG, Boulder CO

Nattalee is the best Human Design expert I’ve found!

She understands who I was born to be and how I can live it through the Human Design System. I was fascinated with the things she taught me about me and how I could be better at what I do.

I only wish I’d gone to her sooner because I could have been more successful at my job and in my personal relationships.

I’ve referred her to many of my friends who were very appreciative and also blessed.

Gail Dickson, CEO, San Diego, CA

My sessions with Nattalee have changed me most positively and practically.  I found it to be a straight-up truth, empowering, relevant and concrete.

Nattalee transmits confidence and clarity from a point of assuredness. My sessions were very helpful, soothing, intuitive, allowing, and with feminine power that is gracious and inviting. I am inspired to join her in her passion for a spirited life. It changed me and I’m still changing from our session because it empowered me to change my conversation about myself.

Her work is elegant and professional! Her transmission is worth its weight in gold.

I highly recommend anyone to explore a Human Design session with Nattalee.

Annie B, Healer and Entrepreneur, Novato, CA

Nattalee helped me get clear on my life’s purpose using my Human Design and Genius Report.

Feeling more confident I was able to move forward on important business decisions that I had been putting off for months. I hired support staff, restructuring my financial processes, and recommitting to my business.

Within a few months, I felt more relaxed and readier to start dating again.

I highly recommend Nattalee to anyone who is looking to discover their right path and passion in life.

Anna G, Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA