Alignment & Fulfillment Package

Alignment and Fulfillment Package

The Alignment and Fulfillment Package illuminates and brings you back to who you were born to be.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for everything in your life.

We each have a unique design, as individual as our fingerprint that unveils how we are meant to thrive and succeed in life. Human Design offers you your own reliable inner GPS.  As you learn more about your chart, you’ll discover the themes and purpose of your life in specific detail so you can’t get lost again.

Knowing your strengths and potentials makes all of life more enjoyable.

Are you ready to stop pushing the flow of life?

Are you seeking the confidence to stop others from draining or distracting you from your purpose?

Discover how to change these misalignments and bring your true Self to the driver’s seat.

Nattalee is committed to translating your Human Design, so you understand what is most natural for you.

With your Alignment and Fulfillment Package you’ll:

> Acquire insights and knowledge about your Design

> Be guided on applying your unique Design to your everyday life experiences

> Instructed on what habits you can change quickly, and which ones will improve with time

> You’ll gain confidence and clarity to make choices that are aligned with your truth

Her comprehensive approach includes both mechanics and mysticism. Your Design tells her what you need to know to increase your awareness and alignment. Her delivery is interwoven with humor, compassion, and whatever it takes for you to align with * more peace of mind * embracing your strengths * elevating your well-being.

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Investment is $433.00 per person.

Additional sessions can be purchased at $150 per session.

Couple packages are available upon request.

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