Are you an Introvert?

Do you feel comfortable in most environments or with groups, or are you someone who is more empathic and introverted?

We all can influence other people and our environments. Extroverts are usually demonstrative, while introverts hold back and observe before they demonstrate.
Look at these two very different people’s GENIUS FORCE FIELD. Both are successful in their profession and prosperity.

Example #1, The Extrovert:     

This person can command attention in any work situation or environment. Their presence is noticed from the outset. Look and find that all nine points on the spider-web diagram are near the outside.

In contrast, Example #2, The Introvert:

Look and find that all nine points on the spider-web diagram are near the center. This person is empathic and tends to be introverted, sensing the environment and other people’s feelings before putting forth his presence.



Self-knowledge is power, and it empowers you to nurture your uniqueness.
If you are more in the expansive extrovert range, you can handle more people, more activities, more demands.
If your force field has more dots toward the center, then you are introverted and empathic, and you need to build in downtime in between activities and events.
Of these two examples, who do you think would thrive at networking events?
In most cases, it would be Example #1. If you are on the empathic range, stop beating yourself up if networking or tradeshows are not easy for you.
Hopefully, you’ll start to see and appreciate yourself in a new way.

Coaching tip ☼

Notice: do you get uplifted and energized in business groups? Or do you feel tongue-tied and can’t wait for the event to end? Or do you give up and just leave early? Are you OK with that?  Or have you been blaming and shaming yourself?
If so, STOP the blame game NOW. You have a unique set of gifts and talents. Learn to work with them.

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