As we approach the big love holiday, Valentine’s Day, let’s ensure you receive love from both sides.

Self-love can be misunderstood and is many-sided.

Human Design delivers the message to be true to and love yourself first. Some people are taken aback, disagree, or are confused with this perspective. Understandingly, many cultures and upbringings are based on obeying others or the view that selfishness seems harsh.

Following your truth and desires is at the core of being selfish, even if no one understands or agrees with you. Loving yourself sounds simple but not always easy to do.

All can relate to what it feels like when we don’t acknowledge our hearts’ desires.

To boost your love from the inside ~

What are three things you enjoy doing that can be done in ten minutes? Pick one or two and do them. If you like, linger in your enjoyment.

What dream or deep desire have you pushed aside or moved ahead to ‘someday’? What could you do to have a piece of that dream right now?

Hint, with eyes closed, imagine and embellish it as if it were happening now.

What feelings (up or down) have you had unexpressed in the last week? Can you safely express them to another person? Could you write about your feelings to release them? What else could you do to move your emotions?

To boost your love for & with others ~

The elephant in the living room is ~ communication.

Having communication skills to navigate the curves of relationships, now more than ever is essential to a happier life.

When we have missed communication with a friend or family, that disconnect can pull the rug out from under us. No matter who or what caused the disconnect, both must be willing to reconnect.

Perhaps, your close relationships are in harmony and vibrant.

Either way, to increase your love experiences, you have to give some too.

The power of the spoken word is immeasurable. What do you most appreciate about your relationship? What uplifting feelings can you share with them? Is there something that happened that you are sorry about? Can you ask what you would like to hear or have from them?

To get more love, give your time and attention. Is there an interest or hobby your loved ones have that they would love for you to participate in? What could one hour of your undivided attention mean to them?

It takes ten seconds to set/hold a clear intention about the outcome you would like to have. It could take a minute to focus and consider – What outcome do I want from this conversation or time together? What do I want them to feel?

Nothing is more potent than your intention on any day, not just Valentine’s Day.

Cultivating self-awareness and communication skills is a life-long journey. When we know our strengths, vulnerabilities, and tendencies, we have love from the inside and outside. With self-awareness, our communication comes with more confidence and clarity and reflects value in our relationships.

Celebrate love and more heart connections inside and outside.

Do you have a friend, family, or love interest that you would like to understand better?

Would you like to know more about their strengths, vulnerabilities, and tendencies in relationships?

Allow Human Design to shed more light & LOVE into your relationships.
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