How do you manifest if you’re not a Manifestor?

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Learning to ride out frustration to find this answer can take some time. Not the answer you wanted to hear, right? On the path to aligning with your Design, you’ll find your mind has less power over your choices, and you'll feel less frustration and self-doubt. Being true to your Type as a Generators you are being called to transmute the way operate. Like most, your early years where not guided by awakened parents or teacher. Nor did you have a coach who asked you yes/no questions guiding you to [...]

Springtime realignment for each Type

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Timing is everything, isn't it!? For over 30 years I've been tuning in with the planets as a compass and guidance for more favorable opportunities and outcomes. During April 2017 we have five planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) retrograding. Retrograde (apparent backward motion) period are times for us to review, readjust, reunite, reconsider, reconnect and re-access. April is also a great time to revisit the basics of your Human Design Chart. One of the biggest challenges we face from our collective Western society is an overemphasis on MORE. [...]

Self-Love is Super-Food

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What is self-love? Is it blowing kisses to the bathroom mirror? Does it mean wrapping our arms around ourselves when we feel sad or joyful? There is another direction. Loving ourselves is vital to our well-being, our community, and our world. Human Design has a term, “Enlightened Selfishness.” The opposite of being ego-centered. Though it could look the same from the outside looking in. It is the kind of selfishness that considers our distinctiveness first and foremost; knowing and accepting our skills, talents, and even our limitations. When we can [...]

Human Design Predictions for 2018

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Every new year, Peter Roth and I analyze the Human Design chart that tells us what the year will be like. We have to wait for a specific day and time that the chart clicks in and this year, it was on January 22nd at 2:19 AM. From this moment in time, it explains all the characteristics that await us for the year. It always has a lot to say and there's even more than can fit into a half hour but we'll deliver as much of the essence of [...]

What the Trump!?

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Rarely do I speak on politics or any specific social events. Not particularly from denial but from a deeper calling to stay focused on my mission and support others to do the same.  However, considering all that has happened in our worldly affairs of late, I offer you my voice, light and hope. Love triumphs over hate – always! Etched in my mind, like it was yesterday, are the events of 9/11, the media hype, and the collective reactions from outrage to unification. 9/11 served as a great training ground [...]

January and its unique sense of timing

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This article is dated but revlanat to our new year 2018 and beyond. Perhaps you've felt some resistance to getting your engines fully up and running these first weeks of January. Or your best laid intentions have gotten off track. That's right, its not personal. You are more than in-sync that you realize.  These first weeks of January are a great time to revisit and revise your resolutions/goals/intentions you've set to accomplish this year. As the lights go out on 2016 and we look to our new cycle to begin, [...]

Your Heart, Your Genius

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The world as we have known it is changing quickly. As these structures crumble and reconstruct themselves (before our eyes, daily) the safest place for you is to look inside yourself and to those closest to you. My childhood imprint was from Christian values. The messages embedded in me were to work hard, get a good job, do good and be good and you’ll be taken care of. Well…some of that may be true but it is only valid if it comes from inside my inner knowing/guidance. I ‘tried’ to [...]

How do you stay inspired?

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This quote came from a coaching buddy I met 2004 as we're completing our coaching certification. It inspires me each time I read it. Believing and specializing in the impossible takes a special kind of person. If you’re reading this then you know that we must remain open to connect and commune with others who share our perspective and can inspire us to stay the course. If we were meant to do it alone we wouldn’t be living on planet with 7+ Billion other beings. How do you stay inspired, [...]

Where All Good Things Come

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On your way to satisfying relationships and success there is going to be some difficult times. Maybe you are having one (or two) right now. If having fun, exercise or just being with friends has dropped to the bottom of your list, here are 5 easy and essential recovery tools you’ll need to thrive at home and at work. Find alone time to read and write. Read what uplifts you and write to explore your depth of wisdom. Similar to a broken arm or ankle, there’s a healing protocol to [...]

Obligation or Pleasure?

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As a child did you feel like you had to ‘behave’ to survive? Were you raised in a controlling environment? Did your parents lay down the law? Did you hide out, become an over achiever or people please so not to get in trouble from an angry, depressed or emotionally unstable parent? These are just some of the behavior patterns many us has had to maneuver in our early years. Besides mentioned, my overlay included Catholicism (parochial education) and old-school Italian ethics and standards. A client, Susie (not her real [...]