It’s impossible to be authentic without feeling comfortable in your skin.

The survey says the number one benefit of understanding one’s Human Design chart is feeling more relaxed and accepting of their true nature.

During this season of lights and end-of-the-year holidays, the more authentic you are, the more you’ll invite and enjoy the kindness of others and the magic of this time of year.

Be the light – share the light.

“The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who you truly are.”

Carl Jung

Three moves to increase your authenticity

  1. Getting unstuck from old patterns

    The open centers in your Human Design chart summarize your fears, concerns, and anxieties. Putting your attention on your strengths, knowing your limits, and allowing events to unfold naturally can cultivate your natural behavior.What change can you make to be more relaxed this holiday season?

    Can you permit yourself just to be YOU?
  2. Listen and follow your intuition. Human Design illuminates and validates how your intuition works. Remember that logic, fear, obligations, or other people’s projections may counteract your inner guidance. Living connected to your intuition takes self-awareness, practice, and a willingness to take risks. Remember, it is a two-step process. Step one is awareness of guidance, and step two is to follow.What holiday situations typically pull you away from following your inner guidance?

    How might you handle it differently to stay faithful?

  3. Use Human Design knowledge to your benefit.
    Many times, clients use Human Design to validate their unfavorable traits. Granted, some of the original knowledge was pessimistic. The antidote is to seek out all sides of the hexagram/line/channel. Look for and appreciate the positive side of your Design.What is one trait or conduct you have that is longing for acceptance?

Authenticity, vulnerability, and trust – are teammates.

It’s time we stopped being afraid of the unknown. What if you expressed your concerns, or shame with a trusted friend or wrote about them without a story or blaming? If you did, you would feel more comfortable in your skin and open to creating a genuine connection with others.  

When you are at ease, and you naturally stand out in a group, at the office, and with friends and family. There are many benefits to embracing your authenticity –

It’s up to you whether you want them.

Human Design is an incredible tool to live your life with purpose, confidence, and success. You are sparkling any day of the year when you release self-judgment and trust your true nature.  

May you have a magical, authentic holiday season. 

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