Have you ever wondered how well the people who attend and buy the hottest marketing training programs do? Have you ever bought an info product or canned coaching program that just didn’t work out for you?

It’s not your fault! And I recently discovered why.

Live Webinar
Hosted by Laura Rubinstein
Best selling author, Social Media Expert, Business Strategist


This information has saved me valuable time and money. Also, I now have the clarity on how to choose the right next steps my business and personal growth.

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June 17, 2015, at 1:00 pm Pacific Time.
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 I’ve been keeping this secret for a little while because I’ve been in the process of putting into practice what I’ve learned. Guess what? It’s not a formula or info product.
It’s called Human Design and Nattalee K Lillico has been working with this system for more than a decade. She has helped people move from confused and frustrated to clear and financially abundant.
In February 2014 Forbes completed its yearly corporate learning factbook which revealed that worldwide spending on training and development is $130 Billion with the US spending over $70 Billion and investment is on the rise. The same is true for training Entrepreneurs. Mega dollars are being invested in learning how to market your business, yet the results actually increasing sales are low, my mentor estimates less than 10%. That’s a crime.
You are a uniquely wired person that has a unique success formula imprinted in your genetic makeup. The adage success is an inside job is pointing you in the right direction.
You’re invited to join for this up close and personal look at your unique success formula through the Human Design System. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The role in life you are uniquely designed for
  • How to play to your strength
  • Strategies you can begin using today that will support you in growing your business, from the inside out

I’ve convinced Nattalee to do a complimentary training and she will also give you your Human Design chart (at no charge) for the first 30 of my friends who want this information.

If you want this, please RSVP here.
June 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm Pacific Time.
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