How do you know if you are good at marketing?

Not everyone is naturally born to be a marketing maven, but maybe you are and don’t know it. Looking at your Genius Report, we can quickly identify which aspects of business and the marketing cycle where you can enjoy and excel.   The Genius Report is a profiling tool for professional use, similar to Myers-Briggs, DISC, Gallup, and others. It is designed to give you a truer understating of your greatest talents. It can illuminate how you work best as a leader, a team member, or as a business partner. [...]

Are you an Introvert?

Do you feel comfortable in most group environments, or are you someone who is more empathic and introverted? We all can influence other people and our environments. We each have the power to affect others that is unique. Extroverts are usually demonstrative, while introverts hold back and observe before they demonstrate. Extroverts can engage with others for longer lengths of time without feeling drained or overloaded. The Genius Report is a profiling tool for professional use, similar to Myers-Briggs, DISC, Gallup, and others. It is designed to give you a [...]

Your Heart, Your Genius

The world as we have known it is changing quickly.  Some have seen it coming and have begun to prepare, others have looked the other way by continuing to think they are protected by the government or large structured entities. As these structures crumble and reconstruct themselves (before our eyes, daily) the safest place for you is to look inside yourself and to those closest to you. I was raised with strong Midwestern, Christian values. The messages embedded in me were to work hard, get a good job, do good [...]

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Your Inner Authority

Human Design is a path for personal transformation. Where does that path lead to? To YOU! There’s a colloquial saying that is often directed to self centered people that goes “It’s all about you!” The harm in that statement doesn’t come from the words but the tone and intent behind it.  Those on this path have experienced some resent or offense from others as they followed their designs’ strategies.  If you’re new to Human Design, and testing out your authentic decisions process on your closest relationships, know that it does [...]

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What is your coaching approach?

My coaching approach is different! Human Design Coaching Genius Report Coaching   Have your career or relationships decisions been influenced by what others have said or done, or what you “should” do? Are you lacking passion and fulfillment?  Have you been to workshops that promise results but fail to deliver over time? Are you tired of the loud rah-rah marketing speak that promise to dramatically change your life…over night? As adults we make changes through practical everyday application and repetition. Lasting change takes time, commitment and the courage to go [...]

Marketing by Type ~ The Projector

Projectors are natural born leaders. They’re gifted with a keen intellect which enhances their ability to pick up on the subtleties of others and in their environment. They have an internal drive and built-in formula for success. When they are aligned with their passions and innate talents they can get the recognition they crave, and need, to succeed. When a Projector gives direction, after being invited, other should not hesitate to follow. Human Design Projector Strategy, Wait to be invited. The road to success for a Projector’s is paved with [...]

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Marketing by Type

Are you a business owner, an employee or in between opportunities?  We all have to market ourselves whether it is our services, products or mostly, our ideas. Marketing is about articulating our unique value to the right people for a specific result. Each Type, within the Human Design System, has a slightly different approach to impart their message. Yet, the basic premise of personal marketing applies to all Types. My sales and marketing career began in 1987, selling office equipment.  Oh, those early days were pain staking and full of [...]

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Generators Wanted: Seasonal Work

The Generator’s strategy for life is wait to respond. Sounds easy, to just wait. For many this statement stirs confusion and wonderment. How does that work, really, or how long do I have to wait or what am I waiting for?  In this fast-paced, microwaveable, twitter-world we live in, there doesn’t appear to be much support or encouragement to wait, for anything. My understanding of waiting comes from years of practice and ancient wisdom which can enlighten your development as well. My appreciation for the Generator’s journey was freshened at [...]