Three Keys to Cultivate Your Inner Guru

Do you wish for someone to tell you what to do with your life ~ so you can be happy, feel fulfilled, or spiritually connected? Have you longed to feel more comfortable in your skin ~ desiring to feel more precise and confident in your approach? I was a seeker too! Twenty years ago, I was seeking to find healthy ways to release my stress and agitation. I had significant questions, like who am I.  2019 marks my 20th anniversary of discovering my inner Guru. If you’re seriously interested [...]

Communication Bridges You Need ~ for Human Design Types

Get the love you want. As a Human Design experimenter, you may have noticed that learning your Strategy and Inner Authority is essential. But wait, there is more. Like seven  Billion people more. We all need support from other people at work, at home, or just in life. As you become more confident, clear, and connected to your true nature, your relationships may need some adjustments to hold and integrate your new way of operating. You may find as you interact with those who are close to you [...]

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What is your unique working style?

In April 2018 Forbes completed its yearly corporate learning fact book which revealed the worldwide spending on training and development is $206 Billion with the US spending over $90 Billion, and investment is on the rise. The same is true for training Entrepreneurs. Employees and Entrepreneurs want to work with purpose-driven, values-aligned organizations. Over 50% of millenniums surveyed would take a pay cut for an opportunity to work at a company that is aligned with their values. Leaders understanding who they are at their best is effective leaders who [...]

How do you manifest if you’re not a Manifestor?

Learning to ride out frustration to find this answer can take some time. Not the answer you wanted to hear, right? On the path to aligning with your Design, you’ll find your mind has less power over your choices, and you'll feel less frustration and self-doubt. Being true to your Type as a Generators you are being called to transmute the way operate. Like most, your early years where not guided by awakened parents or teacher. Nor did you have a coach who asked you yes/no questions guiding you to [...]

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Springtime realignment for each Type

Timing is everything, isn't it!? For over 30 years I've been tuning in with the planets as a compass and guidance for more favorable opportunities and outcomes. During April 2017 we have five planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) retrograding. Retrograde (apparent backward motion) period are times for us to review, readjust, reunite, reconsider, reconnect and re-access. April is also a great time to revisit the basics of your Human Design Chart. One of the biggest challenges we face from our collective Western society is an overemphasis on MORE. [...]

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Business Success and Satisfaction by Design Webinar

Have you ever wondered how well the people who attend and buy the hottest marketing training programs do? Have you ever bought an info product or canned coaching program that just didn't work out for you? It's not your fault! And I recently discovered why. Live Webinar Hosted by Laura Rubinstein Best selling author, Social Media Expert, Business Strategist This information has saved me valuable time and money. Also, I now have the clarity on how to choose the right next steps my business and personal growth. If you want [...]

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Reclaim your authority and manifesting power

Align with your Design Coaching presents Align with your Intuition ~ a Free tele-gathering Have you struggled with giving your authority over to others? Do you identify with these challenges? Idealistic and frustrated with “what is,” yet, still seeing the potential and want to contribute to a better world? Overly empathic and compassionate to other people’s troubles Sensitive to being different or feeling like an outsider (especially around family and childhood peers) Going along with what other people want so as to not rock the boat Highly perfectionistic, plagued with [...]

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Your Inner Authority

Human Design is a path for personal transformation. Where does that path lead to? To YOU! There’s a colloquial saying that is often directed to self centered people that goes “It’s all about you!” The harm in that statement doesn’t come from the words but the tone and intent behind it.  Those on this path have experienced some resent or offense from others as they followed their designs’ strategies.  If you’re new to Human Design, and testing out your authentic decisions process on your closest relationships, know that it does [...]

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Relationships, Human Design Style

If there was ever a topic that gets hoopla, it is the topic of intimate partnership.  One adage says: Relationships are in constant movement, they cannot stagnate. Relationships are moving towards closer connections, or they’re moving further apart. Whenever we judge, blame, or avoid conflict, we perpetrate negative we risk trust and harmony. What actions or intentions move them together? First is agreement and willingness to move closer together, followed with understanding, compassion, acceptance, and clear communication. One of, if not the most treasured outcomes from learning and experimenting with [...]

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What is your coaching approach?

My coaching approach is different! Human Design Coaching Genius Report Coaching   Have your career or relationships decisions been influenced by what others have said or done, or what you “should” do? Are you lacking passion and fulfillment?  Have you been to workshops that promise results but fail to deliver over time? Are you tired of the loud rah-rah marketing speak that promise to dramatically change your life…over night? As adults we make changes through practical everyday application and repetition. Lasting change takes time, commitment and the courage to go [...]