Self-Love is Super-Food

What is self-love? Is it blowing kisses to the bathroom mirror? Does it mean wrapping our arms around ourselves when we feel sad or joyful? There is another direction. Loving ourselves is vital to our well-being, our community, and our world. Human Design has a term, “Enlightened Selfishness.” The opposite of being ego-centered. Though it could look the same from the outside looking in. It is the kind of selfishness that considers our distinctiveness first and foremost; knowing and accepting our skills, talents, and even our limitations. When we can [...]

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What Entrepreneurs say about the Genius Report?

Renewed passion I just had my Genius Report Session with Nattalee last week, and I can say it has energized me along a very unexpected trajectory. I don't know what the long-term effect will be, but in the short term, I feel like somehow I was given permission or support to claim space as a writer that I simply had not seen before. The early returns are very illuminating and energizing. Thank you for this fantastic gift. To be continued. . . From: Jeffrey Schmidt Agency for Earth I own [...]

Communicating with Influence – How to say no

Increase your influencing abilities with your team, boss, friends and spouse. To have leadership influence – you cannot be a people pleaser – someone who says yes, even when they want to say no is known as a yes-man (or person). Everyone knows at least one yes-person, they are the one which is predicted to respond with “Yes, I can do that and that and that.” We love our yes-person until they either burn out or blow up. I was a full-time people-pleaser. I said yes, even when my intuition [...]

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Exploring and expanding your Genius

Martha was at the end of her rope from a recent divorce, parenting two children under five, on food stamps, and the three of them sleeping in one room. She was devastated after being turned down for ten volunteer opportunities, even those that matched her qualification. She was dismissed not for her talents but because she would need to bring her children with her. At the pit of her disappear she thought, what is one thing that I can do well? Long story shorter, she offered a free meal to [...]

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What the Trump!?

Rarely do I speak on politics or any specific social events. Not particularly from denial but from a deeper calling to stay focused on my mission and support others to do the same.  However, considering all that has happened in our worldly affairs of late, I offer you my voice, light and hope. Love triumphs over hate – always! Etched in my mind, like it was yesterday, are the events of 9/11, the media hype, and the collective reactions from outrage to unification. 9/11 served as a great training ground [...]

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January and its unique sense of timing

This article is dated but revlanat to our new year 2018 and beyond. Perhaps you've felt some resistance to getting your engines fully up and running these first weeks of January. Or your best laid intentions have gotten off track. That's right, its not personal. You are more than in-sync that you realize.  These first weeks of January are a great time to revisit and revise your resolutions/goals/intentions you've set to accomplish this year. As the lights go out on 2016 and we look to our new cycle to begin, [...]

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What we can learn from a Projector in a major life transition

Nancy, (not her real name) worked part-time teaching meditation and yoga to teenagers. She had been invited to apply for her current position. A Projector’s strategy is to wait to be invited, the polarity they are asked to balance is success and bitterness. As a Projector, Nancy had sampled success in the career area of her life, yet in other areas of life, she felt resentful and bitter. Nancy is a Splenic Projector, 4/6 Profile, wide Split, Incarnation: Cross of the 4 Ways Completing her Uranus Opposition Life Cycle (40) [...]

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Generators Wanted: Seasonal Work

The Generator’s strategy for life is wait to respond. Sounds easy, to just wait. For many this statement stirs confusion and wonderment. How does that work, really, or how long do I have to wait or what am I waiting for?  In this fast-paced, microwaveable, twitter-world we live in, there doesn’t appear to be much support or encouragement to wait, for anything. My understanding of waiting comes from years of practice and ancient wisdom which can enlighten your development as well. My appreciation for the Generator’s journey was freshened at [...]

Hermits Unite!

This past holiday season I was shopping in a metaphysical book store, perusing for a special gift.  My eyes landed on a button pin “Hermits Unite.”  Of course, I burst into laughter. All you 2’s out there in Human Design land know exactly what I’m inferring.  Yes, we want to be left alone. And we also want to commiserate about our hermitage. Ideally, 2nd lined beings would live in Hermitville where there are other Hermits and normal people too.  We love to interact and engage. Remember; don’t put too much [...]