What you need to know before you turn 50…

Are you feeling the aggravation that ‘something’ has to change, but you're not sure what? Or, you know things are changing quickly, and it seems to be overwhelming. Perhaps you are shocked at the people, places, and things in your life seem to be rearranging themselves - right before your eyes. Have you been feeling conflicted or obsessed about how you express yourself professionally? You are not alone! All your anxieties are a regular part of your process. Believe it or not - you are right on track. There [...]

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6th Line Profile Needs Solitude

Tracking my current experience of my housemate and how I felt being alone, reminded me the basic Human Design training for Children. Parents with 6th line beings is to give your them their own room, if possible, or at the least give them extended time alone. (Safety first)

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Hermits Unite!

This past holiday season, I was shopping in a metaphysical book store, perusing for a gift for a friend when my eyes landed on a bumper sticker “Hermits Unite" in the trinket section of the store.  Being that I am a 6/2 Profile and having eight second lines in my Design, of course, I burst into laughter. If you have a second line in your Human Design Profile, you know exactly what I’m inferring. The Hermit loves to be left alone though they will come out from time to [...]

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