As a Human Design experimenter, you may have noticed that learning your Strategy and Inner Authority is essential. But wait, there is more. Like seven  Billion people more.

We all need support from other people at work, at home, or just in life.

As you become more confident, clear, and connected to your true nature, your relationships may need some adjustments to hold and integrate your new way of operating.

You may find as you interact with those who are close to you that you’ll have to remind them the best way to communicate with you. Such as a Generator, asking her sister “Would you be willing to ask me for my help instead of telling me?”  Or for a Projector to inform her friends; “You know, it just works best when you call me. Would you be OK with initiating our phone conversations?”

Practicing communication bridges cultivates your unique expression as well as your peace of mind.

Communication Style Reminders for Each Type

Manifestors: You’ll get better results when you initiate conversation. Be assertive by asking or inviting others to do or to discuss something. Inform your partner that you would prefer that they state their needs without asking you to do something for them.   Inform them it works best for you to act when your energy is lined up for action. Remember, Manifestors; your voice is very impactful – it will serve you and others if you’re clear your intentions before speaking.

Generators: For the best results, remind your partner to ask you simple Yes or No questions such as; Would you like to respond to what I said? Or, do you have something to say about this situation? Do you have the energy to ______? Having heated discussions can be less stressful, you’ll handle it better if you are outside or if you can get up and move around.

Manifesting Generators: For best results, follow the Generators and the Manifestors Strategy. Remember you have more sustaining energy than anyone. Be patient with others as it is hard for them to keep up with you.

Projectors: You’ll get better results if you get invited to a conversation. If not, it is OK to state your interest to have a discussion.  Be aware of your desire to control or give advice. Write down in advance what you do want, not what you don’t want, to protect yourself from complaining.  Make your request to connect before you hit your threshold of feeling left out.

Reflectors: For best results, avoid being put under pressure. Gently, let your partner know you’ll need more time to process and reflect.  Test out all the other strategies as well, depending on the day; some may work better than others.

We love connecting with others.

Let’s face it. We are all learning how to be better communicators every day.

What works with one group or person may not in a similar situation. Having practical and accessible communication tools in your toolbox is crucial to have satisfying and longer lasting relationships.

Do have questions about communicating with one of the Types?  You are invited to post your communication and relationships questions.

Want to learn about yourself and what is blocking having deeper intimacy in your life?

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