One of my mentors received a prestigious award as a professional speaker; part of his award was to meet the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. He asked President Clinton, “What do you enjoy most about being President?” He replied, “The biggest part of my job is keeping people in a positive frame of mind.”

Coaches, healers, and solopreneurs are no strangers to problem-solving either. It’s what we excel at, what we’ve been trained for, and what our clients rely on us for. We can make a subtle yet profound shift in our approach to problem-solving that can yield even more transformative results for our clients and ourselves.

Default Thinking Pattern

Our default thinking pattern typically looks like this – identifying a problem, breaking it into its components, and then brainstorming solutions. While this method can be effective, it has its limits.

Why? Because it tends to keep us and our clients fixated on the problem itself, which is a drain on our creative energy.

A Paradigm Shift: Solution-Centric

What if we shifted our viewpoint from looking at problems to envisioning resolutions? This subtle shift can bring solutions to us sooner rather than later.

Four key strategies to a positive frame of mind

  1. Strength-Based Approach
    Instead of focusing solely on weaknesses and challenges, start by identifying your (or your client’s) strengths, skills, and past successes. These positive aspects can be the foundation to pivot our focus towards inventive solutions.
  2. Reframing Techniques
    Write your challenge on a piece of paper. Then answer the question: How is this (blank) an opportunity for growth and learning for me? This shift in mindset can help you/them elevate your attitude and see possibilities more clearly.
  3. Visualize your Desired Future
    By visualizing a desirable future, you (your clients) engage the brain’s right hemisphere, where creativity and higher awareness come from. You can use this method for short- or long-term desired outcomes. Imagine a brighter future every day!
  4. Vibration Matters
    A negative or discordant vibration hinders our clarity and focus. Recognizing our vibrations and surrounding ourselves with supporting influences significantly impacts our overall well-being and results.

We each have challenges, discomfort, and anxiety-provoking situations and relationships. As Coaches, healers, and solopreneurs, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate this shift to positive thinking. By committing to these strategies, we empower ourselves and our clients to navigate challenges with greater confidence and clarity, ultimately leading them toward a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

“We must re-train our brains and engage with uplifting environments to create our desired Vision.”

Nattalee K Lillico

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