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An experiential Human Design workshop with Nattalee Lillico and James Alexander


Tired of spiritual paths that leave you feeling frustrated and unseen in your uniqueness? Sick of gurus and spiritual guidance that inspire but aren’t truly grounded?


So were we.

As long time seekers, Nattalee Lillico and James Alexander each found what they were ultimately looking for through Human Design: themselves. Finally, their own inner guru had a voice that they could hear and trust, and slowly they became students of their unique inner guidance. Nearly 20 years later for Nattalee, and 5 years later for James, the practical insights of Human Design continue to be their foundation of embodied awareness and the capacity to meet life as it is.

There truly is no one-size-fits all approach to life.



There are so many tempting promises of transformation in the spiritual marketplace that fail to deliver because they’re simply not meant for our unique design. For example…


Has a trusted spiritual guide ever told you to:

  • Follow your intuition?
  • Trust your gut?
  • Meditate?
  • Be more spontaneous?
  • Choose who you are?
  • Make the “right” choice?
  • Change your diet for spiritual cleansing?
  • Think your thoughts into reality?


Unfortunately, as more people are discovering, this advice is not correct for everyone. Human Design reveals that our differences run so much deeper than race, age, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic background, and everything else we use to define ourselves. As one client has said “understanding your human design aura type and profile is as important as understanding your gender.” And our differences apply to our spiritual path as well.


Isn’t it about time to finally give yourself what you truly need? To ground in your own unique gifts? To live out a purpose that only you can fulfill and no guru could possibly show you?


We each have a unique design, as individual as our fingerprint, that unveils exactly how we are meant to succeed, thrive, and be fulfilled in life. Human Design offers you your own reliable inner GPS. Through simple practices you can start to bring your awareness back home to your body. As you learn more about your chart, you’ll discover the themes of your life in specific detail that you can learn to observe and accept, deepening your surrender to and enjoyment of life.

We are energetic beings giving off signals of who we are all the time. Are you ready to:

Challenge your mental notions of who you are or “should” be?


See how others experience you energetically?


Discover what you can consistently trust within yourself?


Get out of your own way and play to your strengths?


Have more understanding and harmony in your relationships?


If this speaks to you, you’re invited, asked, and initiated to join us for an experiential workshop.


All levels of Human Design understanding are welcome. Whether you are simply interested in your own personal growth or if you are a professional coach, therapist, teacher, counselor or consultant, this information will provide you with incredible insight about yourself and others.


This is a casual and uplifting learning environment for those who are interested in the practical application of Human Design. Bring a copy of your chart or request one in advance. Human Design is based on your birth data, therefore accurate time of birth is needed for best results.


Here’s a taste of what we’ll do at the gathering:


  • Participate in relational/experiential practices to anchor into your body’s unique wisdom
  • Learn more about your Human Design chart through group experiences
  • Learn or deepen understanding of basic Human Design terminology such as your aura type, centers, and inner authority
  • See what your unique false self looks like, how it operates, and simple, practical keywords to start to notice it in action rather than acting it out  





About Nattalee K Lillico
Early on, Nattalee recognized that Human Design was a pathway very much like the Ancient Mystery Schools upon whose doorpost was the simple statement, “Know Thy Self.” Nattalee has steadfastly practiced Human Design daily in her own life, creating a win-win situation for both herself since 1999 and her clients, since 2004. She doesn’t DO Human Design, she IS Human Design and holds the energy of this clear-seeing practice for the Human Design community as well as her clients.

She is a Life Purpose and Communications Coach, Certified Human Design Analyst, and Guide. She has over 25 years of experience in integrating the realms of spiritual consciousness and human potential. Her intuitive insights and robust coaching techniques have created breakthroughs and desired results for hundreds of clients, generating success in their business and personal lives. Nattalee is available for private consultations, on-going coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. She can be reached at: nattalee@alignwithyourdesign.com


James AlexanderAbout James Alexander
James met Human Design 5 years ago, after a decade of exploring numerous spiritual paths and healing modalities. Despite its mystical origins, James was impressed by Human Designs’ incredible accuracy and practicality. Since then he has trained with many of Ra Uru Hu’s first generation of students, and was certified as a Living Your Design Guide by Mary Ann Winiger. He is currently enrolled in the Austrian Human Design School. James offers individual coaching and group workshops with an emphasis on Human Design as an embodied awareness practice as well as a path of surrender. James can be reached at: JAmanifest@gmail.com

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