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Free tele-gathering hosted by Nattalee K. Lillico

Each of us has experienced emotional trauma in one form or another. These traumatic events create a pattern that stays with us; sometimes, our negative patterns are in our conscious awareness, and other times, they live below our radar.

Within your Human Design chart, is your story (sequence) of your emotional patterns, informing you how these patterns interfere with your emotional equilibrium and capacity for connection.

When we can recognize our patterns, both from the shadow side, and the gift potential; we can liberate our hearts, be more present, and enjoy a deeper connection with others and ourselves.

In this tele-gathering, we will dive into the placement of the planet Venus in your Chart.

You’ll be surprised to discover that Venus can liberate and set you free of your negative behavior patterns.

During this Tele-gathering, you’ll discover your personal steps to healing and freedom. Learn:

  • The six ways we interfere with our connections with self and others
  • The six behaviors to liberate yourself and open for healing

 Celebrate Independence Day 2019 and liberate yourself!

Discover how the planet of Venus can liberate you from your emotional patterns.

Join Nattalee Lillico for an uplifting and thought-provoking tele-gathering to discover your path to freedom.

No need to register.

All you need to do is be ready with pen and paper
July 3, 2019, at Noon, Pacific Time

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Don’t know the placement of Venus in your Human Design chart?

Email your Human Design chart or birth information to Nattalee@alignwithyourdesign.com

Be sure to email her 24 hours before the tele-gathering call starts.

Could not make the call live? Listening time has expired.

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