Martha was at the end of her rope from a recent divorce, parenting two children under five, on food stamps, and the three of them sleeping in one room. She was devastated after being turned down for ten volunteer opportunities, even those that matched her qualification. She was dismissed not for her talents but because she would need to bring her children with her.

At the pit of her disappear she thought, what is one thing that I can do well?

Long story shorter, she offered a free meal to people who could not afford a meal or cook for themselves. She was amazed by the number of people who came to her home for lunch and even more astounded with their appreciation for her and her offering afterward.

Eventually, this wonder woman got her life back on track and was able to lift herself and her children to a better quality of life.

When we hit low points in our life, we doubt our gifts and talents. Everything is life looks grey. No matter how smart or talented we are, these dark times can feel like there is no end or way out.

I am humbled and honored to have wonderful clients, like you, express their gratitude to me. I share this, not to toot my horn, but to invite you to another way to elevate your confidence in your natural skills and talents.

Discover how other professional were elevated by appreciating their Genius.


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