Bringing Out the Best in You!

Do others follow your leadership?

Are you confident in your ability to lead people to their greatness?

The number one leadership skill to bring others to a common goal is self-knowledge and to demonstrate that with integrity.  Embodying your uniqueness attracts and influences others naturally. You are more resilient and less apt to be pulled away from your best judgments.

You were born into greatness. It’s time to unleash your leader within and tune into your special gifts and talents. It’s your time!

Make this the year to create an empowering mindset and habits that generate opportunities and influence.
Begin now to experience the richness that is your birthright.

What you’ll gain from:
“Generating Your Leadership Influence Home Study Program”

  • Establish and ignite your business goals and objectives, short and long term
  • Identify and make essential changes more easily
  • Improve personal and professional interactions
  • Target and stay focused on your priorities
  • Be more confident to follow your unique leadership path

Program Details:

  • You’ll receive over five hours of recorded lessons, including Q & A from professionals entrepreneurs like you
  • The Generating Your Leadership Influence Workbook – each section comes with support materials, writing exercises, graphs, and tracking tools for you to discover and develop  your leadership strengths

Lesson Overview:

Lesson # 1: What Part of You is Leading?
Illuminating and eliminating your tolerations and procrastination – Discover what gets in the way of you moving forward and how to address them. Allowing your authentic leadership to shine. Bonus questions to identify and eliminate where you squander your influence.
Lesson # 2: Refining Your Purpose
What inspires you to advance, exceed and achieve?  Having a clearly defined purpose inspires your actions and helps you stay focused on your desired outcomes, both daily and extended. Bonus material to discover your motivations and inspire you each step of the way.
Lesson # 3:  Honoring Your Priorities
How do you discern what is most important?  How do you schedule and execute your time so the inevitable distractions don’t derail you? Bonus material for tracking and improving your time allocation.
Lesson # 4:  Discover Your Personal Communication Style
How do you move from being a good leader to great?  Your communication style defines you as a leader.  It is everything.  Here are the four areas you can develop to have more influence. Bonus material includes resources for tried and true communication education and training.
Lesson # 5:  Designing Your Future
Fuel your dreams with a clear assessment of your past accomplishments and lessons. Claiming your future requires envisioning exactly where you want to go and WHY. These profound eight questions refine and reinforce your business objectives.  Crafted so you’ll bookmark them for future assessment and accomplishments.

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This leadership series was another winner! Insightful guidance, compassionate support, and entertaining. A great combo to deal with issues that are pertinent to everyday life. I always benefit from her insights. I gained more self-awareness about what can rob my energy and how to have a higher quality of life. Thank you, Nattalee!

Lynda M. Financial Analyst and Community Organizer

It was useful for me to have you so eloquently and smoothly role model the facilitation of a group call. This is something I want to do in the future. The questions for our visioning class were highly valuable for me, especially the questions about past successes. I’ve done a lot of visioning groups. Your questioning process supported me to feel empowered to move ahead with my business goals and objectives for this year.

Lisa S. Hypnotherapist and Inventor

I’ve gained so much from this leadership program. Participating in this series has been truly life-changing for me and every session has initiated me to change some major aspects in my life for the better.
I realized some important shifts that I wanted to make as well as experience significant positive changes in my relationships that I could not have predicted.
I am more in touch with my purpose; even more aware during my day to stay connected to my desired outcomes and to my own unique path.
This series has empowered me towards following my own unique path – this for me is the core of what Nattalee has been doing for me. With everything she is saying, but even more with her being this amazing role model of just being oneself she gently guides me deeper towards my inner core and my essence.
I am not a person that is easily influenced by others and yet I can say that Nattalee has been one of the people with the greatest impact on me during the last year.
Thank you so much.

Jamina K., Ph.D.

Your lesson on communication was right on point for me with what was going on in my life.  Everything you said provided inspiration, awareness, and guidance for significant interactions that are happening with my clients and personal relationships.
I appreciate your clear delivery and support.

Elizabeth K., San Fransisco Bay Area, Commercial Real Estate Investor

Over the course of this program I have been inspired to make some significant changes in my life. Many of my doubts and hesitations has been released and replaced with a sense of courage, confidence and clarity to move ahead with a new project I’ve been considering for a while.

Linda S. Executive Director and Natural Health Practitioner
Gain accurate insights into your Purpose, Competencies, and Leadership Style