Living Your Design as a Generator

Our life journey through Human Design is a fascinating one. Generators, who are willing and have the courage to live their Design are promised a life of wonder and surprise.

The first time I consciously practiced my strategy, I refused an invitation to attend a workshop that normally I would have said “yes” to. I thought it was odd but I went with the experiment. Instead, on the day of the workshop, I realized I had no plans for the day. In an instant later I was off to go explore a State Forest Reserve located outside the city limits that I had wanted to do for years. I packed up a lunch, my sun hat, and hiking shoes for a day of exploration. It wasn’t until the end of the day, when I was driving home, with a gorgeous view of a sunset, that I realized I my body wanted to go be in nature. Since then, those hiking trails have become a favorite and I began to wake up to my inner guidance.

To live your Design requires you to pay attention. Without attending to your Sacral responses, you are left to the traps and weakness of the mental field. The mind wants to know and plan things out. The Sacral energy operates moment-to-moment. It is waiting for something to respond to. There is no way to know what it will respond to until that present moment. Stay tuned to your gut for your latest news.

To live your Design, Generators, requires you to slow down. There is no quick fix for the life of your dreams. If you are like me, I was busy being busy. I was busy trying to make things happen. And when things did not happen I pursed some more, thinking I just needed to try harder to make things happen. Whew! I was exhausted! Slowing down and saying “no” more often than saying “yes”, I discovered two very important things, my truth and two, a lot more energy for myself. When you slow down, you have the opportunity to observe your process. Some questions you can ask yourself are “am I initiating this” or “am I responding” or “is this ___ the correct use of my life force?”

To live your Design, remember to stay connected and stay in conversation with your Human Design community. We are all designed, one way or another, to be with others. Whether it is to make an impact, connect a split, give or receive an invitation, share insights, to be recognized or to respond. It takes time and repetition to break down the conditioning field of the not-Self. Your learning and integration process accelerates when we share our experiences and insights. Take advantage of the support that is provided through discussion groups and classes.

Living your Design is as unique as you are. There is no one who can tell you your truth or what is correct for you. The more you practice your Strategy the more you will identify with the different nuances of the Sacral. It can be an amazing and beautiful journey Generators – enjoy the ride of surprise.

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