The Generator’s strategy for life is to wait to respond.

Sounds easy, to wait, right?! For most, this statement stirs confusion and wonderment. The mental gymnastics begin with something like; How does that work, or how long do I have to wait, or what am I waiting for, or what is a response?

In our fast-paced, microwaveable, twitter-world we live in, there doesn’t appear to be much support or encouragement to wait for anything.

I had an Expressive Art group experience that shined a light on my Generator process, as well as providing a metaphor to anchor my clarity. On the particular group, we were invited to enact the theme of growing from a seedling or a sprout to blooming using our body’s.  The music began, and people were encouraged to start on the floor to act-like a seed.

Movements mirrored expressions of pushing through dirt, stillness, fluttering, and flickering, cracking open to become a stem, leaf, or bud. Pretending to be a seed, I realized its growth included stopping and starting, pushing and resting, grunts and groans, and at some point, cracking open.

Similarly, Generators hold unlimited seedlings in their life force energy. They carry seeds of pure energy, waiting for expression in their life for pleasure and satisfaction. Generators are designed to effort and provide sustainable energy for manifestation, just like a vital seedling.

Some of the challenges Generators face, especially in the first few years of their process are:

  • Finding it challenging to rest and do nothing. Especially if there is ‘work’ to do or someone has asked for their help.
  • They are learning to recognize that their mind will interfere with their response. Since most people have allowed their logical thinking to make all their decisions, in the past, it will take practice to rewire the Generator’s mind/body process. Each has a unique discovery that works for them.
  • Confusing being stuck as harmful or digressing. Hitting a plateau is part of the Generator process. Most times, ‘being stuck’ is the body’s way of resetting its energy or storing it up for the next satisfying experience.
  • Many begin their process recovering from burnout or over-giving.
  • Discovering how frustration plays a positive role in their process. When frustration strikes, take it as a way to awaken your sacral energy output.

To keep your Sacral motor running optimal Generators must learn to discipline themselves to rest, look up, and take in the views. Our western culture has conditioned us to be busy and push on. Implementing your strategy wait to respond requires practice, patience, courage, and a willingness to say “no,” more than you’ve ever imagined.

I’m abundantly familiar with feeling stuck and frustrated, having setbacks, pushing, and not getting results. Even after ten years of practice, a Generator is a Generator. What’s changed is I’ve accepted and surrendered to the wisdom of my Sacral and my experiences of setbacks and frustration.

There are seasons for effort and ones to be idle.  I remind myself of the seedlings inside of me and their process to become a plant.

Generators, what actions would support you in being clear and confident with your responses?

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