MariaLife Changing! From my first consultation with Nattalee ‘things’ in my life, particularly my business, shifted for me.
I had accomplished a lot in my career by WORKING SO HARD to make things happen. Yet, I felt unsatisfied and unfinished. I use to doubt whether I had followed the right path. I questioned how to find more FLOW and ease in my life.
With Nattalee’s coaching, first, tremendous stress and pressure were lifted. My mind was calmer. The tools and work structures offered worked for me. Within weeks, I obtained 4 new contracts with 2 more in the works! What is most amazing life changer is I discovered what I want to be when I grow up! Clear as a bell.
I’ve already referred Nattalee to many friends and when you have the opportunity, which is NOW, don’t hesitate to find out more about who you are are … and obtain some indispensable tools for your life journey.
Maria Carter, bestselling author, Fall In Love With Your Life. Orlando, Fl

“I’ve worked other coaches and consultants who became frustrated with me because I did not fit into their format and approach. Nattalee you are able to tune-in deeply to identify with me and my unique personality. I feel your encouragement nudging me to stay tuned to detail and effectiveness of my time and energy. I have a desire to be responsible for the purpose of our coaching relationship. My life is deeply enriched by your humor, wisdom and insights.”
PR, Founder & Director, Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing, Generator, New York, NY
“After working with Nattalee, I can’t now imagine having a coach who didn’t really appreciate and coach from the understanding my Human Design. Her gentle guidance helped me to learn how to pay attention to my strategy and authority so that I can live out my life purpose. Her great coaching continues as I hear her voice still many months later.
DK, Management Consultant,  Vancover Canada
“She has an amazing ability to blend coaching, Human Design and spiritual principles in a seamless format that benefited me enormously. When I first worked with Nattalee I had recently ended a relationship and was considering additional major life changes. Her focus, presence and impressively insightful style guided me to strengths and awareness I could not have imagined.Nattalee is a most amazing coach. She Rocks!!!”
MB, Educator, Coach Quincy MA
Comprehensive!” “Astounding!” “Accurate and Pertinent!
Vision Magazine
“I learned more about myself and how I needed to slow down in order to accomplish more. I stopped volunteering, became less overwhelmed, and made space in my life to attract exactly what I wanted. I made significant and desired changes in my life. I now have a clear and realistic action plan. Nattalee you’re the best at keeping my on track and motivated!”
DF, Radio Personality, Tucson AZ
I somehow knew Human Design coaching would help me progress beyond my own initiatives.bev_wasserman
I sought Nattalee’s support because I was having difficulties setting healthy boundaries, communicating honestly with my close family members, and feeling disconnected from who I really am. After one conversation with Nattalee, I immediately shifted my perspective and behavior. She intuitively tapped into how I was uniquely wired to operate which is empowering and self-affirming to say the least. She also gave me some practical tools to support the changes I was after in my life.
I experienced unexpected and valuable outcomes that have enhanced my leadership and communication skills, more professional satisfaction, and harmony within my family. My coaching sessions have clearly laid out a long-term touchstone for a happier and healthier life.
Working with Nattalee is like hearing your life playbook read to you with humor and compassion! I highly recommend working with Nattalee if you’re ready to live with meaning and purpose. Bev W., Corporate Trainer. Boulder, CO

 Being with like-minded people under Nattalee’s expert guidance, I realize I am not alone with many of my feelings and perceptions. I found the information and practices extremely helpful and reassuring.  This information has allowed me to be more patient and understanding with myself.  I look forward to learning more and further deepening my appreciation of this ingenious Human Design System.
Thank you, Nattalee for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us! KD, Sales Executive, San Deigo, Ca

“Having a both a Genius Report and Human Design sessions with Nattalee was more than simply pleasant because of her frank, accepting and playful manner; it was also meaningful because of her focus and ability to relate my personal experiences with the material. Our session was empowering and offering me a fun, uplifting and food-for-growth encounter!”
Sarah Wyckoff, Performer, Projector, San Diego, CA
“This live and in person Living Your Design Course is the best.  It not only gave me a deeper understanding of strategy and authority but also the opportunity to experience the great value of following my own strategy and authority.  This really works.  It makes life so much easier.  I loved receiving this information and experience in a group where all the types were present.  The exercises were particularly powerful.  When all of the Manifestors, or Generators, or Projectors stood together, I could really feel the differences between the types.  It went way beyond just understanding the differences.  Then the different strategies and authorities really made sense and I could feel how they fit together.  I have a new appreciation and respect for the unique beauty and value of each individual type and which each individual person has.  And when we were all together in a group, living our designs by following our individual strategies and authorities, Wow, that was so harmonious and very powerful.  It had a wonderful feeling of completion, of wholeness.  It gave me an opportunity to experience what the world is like when people come together living who they truly are.  Thank You for presenting this valuable knowledge in this format.”
Leon Wiener,  Encinitas, CA
What a godsend you are in providing the reading and interpretation of my human design! I have a new found a sense of peace and belonging, and a tremendous relief at not having to “prove” anything to myself and/or others. I’m inspired to follow my own path while becoming more clear on just what that is. There is still much to understand, and I want to continue unfolding the possibilities in fulfilling my destiny. Thanks for your inspiration by example.
DM, Financial Consultant,  San Diego CA

I’ve known Nattalee for some time, having hired her for a Human Design chart analysis when I first heard about Human Design. After several years of ‘sort-of’ dabbling in Human Design-type approaches to life and work. But having gotten off-track with where I wanted to be in those areas, I finally hired Nattalee for coaching in 2010. The first 90 days proved to be challenging for me, as any time of ‘turning the boat around’ usually is. But Nattalee stuck with me, offering support, guidance, opinions, insights, cheer-leading, and most importantly, solid information about my Human Design type (I’m a Projector); she’s helped me understand how to re-create my life and work so that they work for ME. Thus far I’ve seen excellent results, and I look forward to more. I’d recommend an initial Human Design chart analysis and conversation with Nattalee to see if she’s a match for you. Lisa Kemp
I found the break out session most valuable in understanding who “I” am and not just my ‘type’. This workshop helped me feel like my authentic self, and equally important, the ‘big picture’ of who we really are. Your practical suggestions  allow me to treat myself and the world with harmony and respect. ~Michael Buchard, Design artist.

After my Human Design session, everything in my contented life became expanded and magnified! I’m finding my life is enhanced in all areas, especially my relationships. Since my initial session, it has been a thrilling and adventure filled ride into my very own Design. Both my initial sessions and personal meditation recording were extremely grounding and enlightening. The knowledge Nattalee provided me with has propelled me forward quite rapidly as I go around blocks I didn’t know I had!! I find I move with the flow knowing my ‘inner authority’ will do a magnificent job of guiding me through all my life events. Thank you Nattalee for your valuable contribution to my inner joy! Terry Business Owner

Client A: Case Study

Business owner, Marketing Service for Health Spas

Current Situation:

This client came to me for a Human Design Reading. She was confused, discontent, and dissatisfied with her business and uncertain about its future potential for success. The business was growing, although she was uncertain about its future potential for success: there were Cash Flow problems.


  • Human Design Reading and strategies for integration
  • Life Purpose Process©
  • SMART goals

Solution and recommendation:

Originally, this client came to me for a Human Design Reading. After her reading, we discussed my coaching offerings. She was working with a Business Coach and had interviewed a therapist to work on personal issues. There did not appear to be a need for my services.
Still, she began to implement what she had learned from our reading. After experimenting with her strategy for a week, the client contacted me to share the successes she suddenly experienced in her personal relationships. She wanted to work with me to:

  1. Provide recommendations on her Human Design
  2. Clarify her issues in her business

Our coaching sessions were an integrated approach using HD and the Life Purpose Process©. We identified SMART goals (short and long term), and the elements for her to create her ideal work and life.

We discovered that the majority of her current business was in line with her values and life purpose. My recommendations were to follow her strategy, identify and stay focused on what she loved about her business plus take certain steps toward her long term goals. Our consultations and her intent to follow her strategy helped her dissolve her feelings of confusion and discontent into empowerment, purposefulness and vitality. Her work clarity became an extension of her personal clarity. Hiring support staff, restructuring her financial processes and recommitting to her business enabled this client to have a better home/work balance and enjoy a sharp increase in sales.
“I highly recommend Nattalee to anyone who is looking to discover their true path and passion in life. AG

So many times I’ve asked myself ‘what’s up with this?’ out of frustration or bewilderment. After my session with Nattalee, my personal Human Design revealed all the answers. The road blocks and delays I’ve experienced in my life invariably came down to when I was operating ‘out of my design’. Now I’m approaching life more relaxed, having greater clarity as to ‘what’s up’ and most importantly when to move forward on a project or decision. Nattalee brings clarity and playfulness to her session and thank goodness for the follow-up sessions and tape recording. The insights and expanded understanding bring more and more clarity into every aspect of my life. Gift yourself with a session today. You deserve it.
TF, EarthWalk Productions, Sedona, AZ
Deciding to do the analysis with Nattaleeis the best decision I’ve ever made.My session was timely at the end of an old year and an entry into a new one. I’m headed to 2014 with  far less baggage. Finally,  someone who truly understands me and didn’t sit in judgment of or condescension towards me. I felt Nattalee truly wanted me to see myself as a unique individual and not as someone to be constantly criticized by self or others. That’s a great gift for a New Year. Mary Lou S.