This past holiday season, I was shopping in a metaphysical book store, perusing for a gift for a friend when my eyes landed on a bumper sticker “Hermits Unite” in the trinket section of the store.  Being that I am a 6/2 Profile and having eight second lines in my Design, of course, I burst into laughter.

If you have a second line in your Human Design Profile, you know exactly what I’m inferring.

The Hermit loves to be left alone though they will come out from time to time so they can commiserate with others like them to discuss their hermitage. One of my most active Facebook Groups is for Hermits.

Ideally, the Hermit would live in Hermitville where there are other Hermits and regular people too.  They love to interact and engage when they feel called to or when they don’t feel pressured to answer questions. If you live with a Hermit, do not be too direct or put too much pressure on them to get an answer. At best, you might get a polite reply, “I don’t know.” When a Hermit feels too much tension, they can get explosive.

In our make-believe world, Hermits would live in community, just as long as they have their cave to go to and stay as long as they wish, alone.  A Hermit experiences periods of bliss when they can putter around in their little world.  Left to their own devices, they can find plenty to entertain themselves, alone.

The popular keywords for the Hermet are The Natural, unaware, creative, innocent, and passionate. They can pick up on most subjects or creative endeavors with very little training.

More on the unusual side, one scenario of the innocent and unaware Hermit might be, he or she is out and about in their neighborhood. Suddenly he/she begins to run towards a patch of ice at just the right speed to get themselves to the other side. Magically, they slide on the ice correctly and safely.

An onlooker watches this precision act in awe. She hollers from across the icy patch, “Wow, that was pretty cool. Do you ice skate too?” “Oh no, says the Hermit, “not at all, I was running late for my appointment, so I took the short cut.”

The Hermit’s natural abilities can be awe-inspiring and elusive. Where do their superpowers come from? That, my friends, will remain a mystery as they are unaware.

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