Learning to ride out frustration to find this answer can take some time. Not the answer you wanted to hear, right?

On the path to aligning with your Design, you’ll find your mind has less power over your choices, and you’ll feel less frustration and self-doubt.
Being true to your Type as a Generators you are being called to transmute the way operate. Like most, your early years where not guided by awakened parents or teacher. Nor did you have a coach who asked you yes/no questions guiding you to honor your uniqueness.

Going forward, here are some perspective to consider to move away from pushing, forcing, or initiating your life force.

  • Find your way to relaxation and surrender. Deep inside you know that response really works for you. Take time, contemplate surrendering to, not having to figure out your life. If you like to journal, make notes of your insights at the end of your day. Notice if you are trusting more and allowing for more satisfying experiences. When you surrender, your body will demonstrate to you that it has innate wisdom to know when to give energy and when to hold your power.
  • Catch yourself when you’re feeling stuck. Some symptoms to watch for are depression, anxiety, and feelings of unworthiness. Begin by accepting that you have a different kind of discernment, sensitivity, and timing. Protect yourself from collective dogma and pressures that tell you what you should ‘do.’ Consider getting off mailing list that is pitching to the masses.
    What ways can you protect and support yourself when these symptoms begin to surface?
  • Use your mind to support the wisdom of your body. Invite your inner conversation to a new level. When you are in your flow of life, you can more easily recognize what is yours to respond to and what feels ‘off”.  Take yourself on different experiences, just to see what it feels like for you afterward. For example, attend a social or networking event with an intention to see what it’s like to wait till others speak to you. Do you feel frustrated, empty, used or do you feel pleasure and satisfaction? Then talk to yourself about the situation with compassion and awareness. Using your mind to support your choices can raise your vibration and increase the number of days when you are in your satisfaction flow.
    What kind of self-talk support you to redirect your way of thinking to create more positive experiences and outcomes?

You are invited to share your insights, discoveries, and questions here.


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