This quote came from a coaching buddy I met in 2004 as we’re completing our coaching certification. It inspires me each time I read it.
Believing and specializing in the impossible takes a special kind of person. If you’re reading this then you know that we must remain open to connect and commune with others who share our perspective and can inspire us to stay the course. If we were meant to do it alone we wouldn’t be living on a planet with 7+ Billion other beings. How do you stay inspired, uplifted into the field of allowing the impossible and optimal to form?

It is my honor to introduce you to two amazing
and resourceful women who have reminded and
lifted me to higher vibrations and creativity.

Meet Nalini

I had (’09) an immediate connection with Nalini’s vibration and offerings. I was relieved to find a role model of feminine strength and compassion. Since then, it’s been my intention/goal to intern with Nalini.  At the end of last year, she reached out for marketing support and I responded. Ta-dah, another dream come through/true!  Diving deep into her offerings is allowing me to shed my conditioning with a new skill-set of grace and remarkable intuitive flow.
Remember 12.21.12, the Mayan Calendar, and many other huge planet/life cycles coming to an end? Many of us thought; “Cool, easier times ahead for those who focus on the light!” Nalini is exquisitely tuned in to ‘how to’ experience more ease and grace in our New Cycle, even when it doesn’t look like it.

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Meet Tina van Leuven

I connected with Tina about 7 years ago.  I’ve witnessed her completely transform her home and career life…in what seemed like overnight. Tina is a powerhouse of joy and delight which she infuses into her books and programs. I experienced her magic when I signed up for her first 40-Days of the Abundance course. Within days, I landed a 6-month consulting contract and shifted my personal financial outlook.
Read how to up your joy game in your business.
Listen to what Tina has to say about creating/manifesting with joy and ease on youtube.
The old saying/belief that “there’s no gain without pain” is done (if you’ll allow it to be). If you’re experiencing struggle, chaos or frustration perhaps support and a new perspective is all you really need to release your blocks to more ease and joy. I’m talking about ease and joy in the most practical everyday way. We’ve come to the place where there is no time for anything else.

I invite you to keep your cup of hope, joy, delight, ease, grace, and LIGHT full to the brim, NOW. Stay connected and filled up …and watch your magic unfold.
Would you like more support?  Would it satisfy you to have more joy and ease in your life?
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