3 Module Program with over 20 video lessons
& 90-page workbook

Human Design Coaching Program

Understand The Design of
Your Time and Money Alignment

A Human Design centered approach to help you adjust your choices and relationship with time and money.

Who could say no to better planning and better results?
This Human Design Coaching Program guides you to release the breaks on your time and money challenges. By the end of the program, you will understand how to use your Human Design chart to change the habits that hold you back, free up your time for what matters most and have a harmonious relationship with money.

This course will awaken you to:

  • Reinforce your business (& life) with your authority

  • Have more time & energy for the people and things that matter most

  • Integrate your Human Design to accomplish authentically

  • Live your dreams instead of chasing them

  • Impact your world

  • Increase your financial flow

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Freelancers, Coaches & Healers

You want to become the designer, implementer, and builder of your life & work. You want freedom from the conditioning of how business is “supposed” to be built.
You are willing to not fit in with the crowds, take risks, and preserve.

Are you
Seeking an expert and a voice of reason + a logical system for the personal & professional challenges you face every day + validation to perform your work based on your individuality + follow your success patterns in your Human Design.

understand Human Design Chart

You’ll find your answers and solutions here!
This program encapsulates Nattalee’s 30+ years of experience in the Human Potential Coaching industry with 20+ years of Human Design living and teaching.

Inside the TMA Masterclass coaching program, she addresses the three biggest challenges you will face as you elevate your potential.


& Energy

Relationship with Money

Human design coaching program - tma masterclass

How does it work?

20+ Videos & 90 Page workbook broken down into easy to follow chunks

The course is complete with easy-to-follow instructions. Depending on your style, you can go through step by step, in a logical order, or skip to the topics most important to you. Enjoy the beautiful colored workbook and print out the black & white printer-friendly version to work through the assessments and practices. The instructional videos are labeled clearly, so there is no guessing.

The TMA program is an essential tool you can use for years to come and revisit as your Human Design knowledge expands.

What’s in the modules?

Imagine having both Money and Time Freedom
based on your Human Design chart.

Each module includes easy-to-follow instructions to
integrate your success formula based on your Human Design chart.

Human design coaching program - TMA Masterclass Module 1
  • 7 Videos

  • 37 Page workbook

Eliminate the distractions and shiny objects, and silence your fears

Gain confidence, focus, and space for more creative solultions

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Human design coaching program - TMA Masterclass Module 2
  • 9 Videos

  • 41 Page workbook

Phase-out overworking for underwhelming results and missing out on your life’s true priorities

Feel safe, held, and fulfilled each day. Create loyalty and increase influence with clients and colleagues. Increase your opportunities organically.

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Human design coaching program - TMA Masterclass Module 3
  • 6 Videos

  • 37 Page workbook

Transform your money story

Awaken your financial wisdom to cultivate a more abundant life. Increase your financial confidence & wellbeing.

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Your guide
Human Design Expert & Coach

Nattalee K Lillico - Human Design Coach and Expert

Nattalee is a thought leader, pioneer, and one-of-a-kind Development Coach. She has a unique style blending contemporary Coaching and Human Design to create positive and lasting changes.

She has a successful career in marketing and consultative selling to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies.  She partnered and worked with a dozen award-winning authors and professional training organizations. This hands-on experience earned her a master’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Leadership from the best. Nattalee received her associate’s degree at Sauk College. Her Human Design studies began in 1999. She is a certified Analyst and Teacher from the Intl. Human Design School.

Coaching Program

“I had accomplished a lot in my career by WORKING SO HARD to make things happen. I felt unsatisfied and unfinished. I used to doubt whether I had followed the right path. I questioned how to find more FLOW and ease in my life.
With Nattalee’s coaching, I released tremendous stress and pressure and found more peace of mind almost immediately. Her coaching style and structures brought me results. Within weeks, I got four new contracts with two more in the works!
What is the most fantastic life changer is I discovered what I want to be when I grow up! My path is clear as a bell.
I’ve already referred Nattalee to many friends and when you have the opportunity, which is NOW, find out more about who you are… and get some indispensable tools for your life journey.”

Maria – Best Selling Author and Real Estate Developer

Coaching Program options

Purchase all three, receive a discount, and qualify for a bonus.

Module One

  • Clear your distractions and fears
  • Gain focus, clarity, and vision

Module Two

  • Take ownership of your calendar/time
  • Gain vitality, confidence, influence, & opportunities

Module Three

  • Clear & upgrade your money history
  • Know your best path to prosperity

All Three Modules

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  • 20 Videos
  • 90 Page workbook
  • Save $41
  • *1-1 Live Implementation coaching session with Nattalee

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Coaching Option

Do you thrive with personalized support?

Nattalee offers access to the entire TMA Masterclass Program as part of her 6-month 1-1 coaching package. If you are serious about implementing Human Design into your life/work and committed to self-empowerment, this package accelerates your results.
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