Alignment is Everything!

Be aligned with your Design and watch the magic unfold!

How can Human Design Coaching help you?

Human Design Coaching with Nattalee puts the spotlight on your strengths, gifts, desires, and unique success formula for serving yourself & others.

In creating a collaborative, supportive, and encouraging environment, Nattalee will guide you to integrate and embody your nature based on your Human Design. As you practice your Human Design strategies at home/work, you’ll discover you are more relationship-focused and confidently reaching your desired results.

Human Design Coaching provides structure, focus, and accountability, so you can become and accomplish more than you ever believed possible.

Private Coaching will:

  • Disclose what you really want

  • Boost your confidence in all areas of life

  • Refines, streamlines, and focuses your efforts

  • Discover & develop your genius & natural talents

  • Support you to reach goals & beyond

  • Give you more harmony in relationships

  • Advance your leadership & influence

  • Allow freedom, time & energy for what matters most

Person meditating at peace

Are you seeking a Human Design Coach/Guide to progress according to your Human Design?

Are you ready for a challenge ~ to go beyond where you would go on your own?

Do you want to get your answers from the inside and express yourself powerfully?

Human design chart used in Human design coaching

What’s unique about Human Design Coaching

Human Design Coaching morphs with your specific chart and needs as an individual or your team. The synthesis allows precision that no other professional coaching can match.

Assessment tools clarify your priorities, both long and short term, and logical next steps to move forward with certainty and confidence. Coaching sessions are done online via Zoom.

Ultimately Human Design helps you achieve your goals more efficiently. 

If you are ready to take the first steps to align with your design, I have the tools and the experience to guide you to achieve your desires, gain the focus and structure to move forward.

Take the first steps and book a free 20-minute consultation


If you resonate with Human Design basics and strategies, then you can expect results from a coaching relationship. Human Design coaching answers the question, “how do I use this in my life” specifically, according to your Human Design Chart.

The amount of time per week depends on your objectives. Your action steps may be a home/work chore you’ve been putting off, asking for help, or studying Human Design. Plan for at least an hour between sessions to review our conversation and plan for your next session.

There is a six-month minimum commitment to understand and embody your Human Design chart. We meet twice per month, and you’ll want to schedule time between sessions to complete your actions, read, or study Human Design. Everyone experiences positive shifts from the first coaching session, and if you want lasting change, plan for at least six months.

My coaching career began in 1993, working alongside seasoned coaches and award-winning authors. Since then, professional and leadership development courses and training have been my passion. My coaching certification (ICF) as a career coach is from the Life Purpose Institute. I have coached hundreds of people before and since my Human Design education and certification. Additionally, I am a certified coach and trainer of the Genius Report, a Human Design tool for professionals and the material world.

An in-depth Human Design session with me is a prerequisite to beginning a coaching relationship. Through that process, you’ll be able to make an accurate decision about moving forward with a coaching commitment.

Human Design coaching is for anyone who wants to advance their leadership, develop their career, build confidence, or navigate a life transition such as relocation to a new area.

Though your history contributes to your uniqueness, a coach does not elaborate on past issues. A coach deals with healthy people who want to go to the next level in their professional and personal lives.

Human Design coaching compliments and usually shorten the length of time working with a therapist. I have a compassionate side and understand the boundaries of therapy and coaching and the unique needs of my clients.

If you have any further questions please contact me.