Can Human Design make you Buoyant?

This quote has stuck with me for weeks.

Comparing ourselves to others is toxic! You know that – right?

Our culture is more subjected to it than ever before because of our exposure to social media.
It is risky for our kids and grandchildren and us big kids too. 😉

Here are (some) side effects

+ You complain about _____

+ You feel discouraged with your progress

+ You are easily distracted

+ Depression or low energy

+ Physical reactions (tightness or restriction anywhere in your body)

+ Giving up on or quitting what you started

+ Second guessing your decision/s

+ Feeling ~ shame, embarrassed, sadness, agitation, or _____

The cost of comparison is high.
Consider the loss of your time and energy. Two things that you do not get back. It can potentially cost you a loss of opportunities and money. You can attract more of these in time.

How can you turn it around?

How can you move out of comparison to self-acceptance, feeling engaged with life, excited, inspired, even radiant?

Pause, Reflect, and Ask Yourself:

  • What has transpired in the last 24/48 hours, before comparison, when I felt optimistic?
  • What was I focused on?
  • What was I excited or inspired about?
  • What is the most important thing I can do now to progress (my relationships, work, or project/s)?
  • What do I know about my Human Design that I love and appreciate (about me)?

Knowing who you are through your Human Design is not just a head-thing. It can be your lifesaver.
Go back to what you learned/liked about your chart whenever you get caught up with negative thinking/energy.

Validating your strengths is one of the highest gifts of the Human Design System.
Be sure to revisit your gifts – every day!

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires your resilience?

I invite your comments below.

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