Are you a business owner, launching a side hustle, or crafting your talents and passions into a successful endeavor?

Marketing your services or a business is both full of opportunities and challenges. In part because marketing has many functions and approaches.

Its primary purpose is to cast a message or image so those who resonate can step forward and say; Yes, I want to know more about this, or I recognize myself here.

Many people don’t know that the first ten years of my career were spent providing marketing (and sales) services for professional speakers, trainers, and their clients in various industries.

Back then, my services were to assist business owners in creating a ‘personal marketing campaign.’ Now this skill is labeled ‘Branding Strategist.’

I love brainstorming and exploring marketing strategies to increase, uplevel, and develop business growth. As much as I thrive on stretching myself, my talent spills over to empowering people and their businesses.

Along came Human Design

Two essential upgrades Human Design illuminated for me were:

  1. Even though I had only one marketing class in college, I only needed work experience with other strategies to fine-tune my natural abilities to provide step-by-step activities and practical solutions to problems.
  2. I became proficient at translating a person’s Design to direct their business efforts for achieving more significant results.

My Client Ted

Ted is an Emotional Generator, 5/1 Profile, RL RR, Motivation 2 Hope

When Ted sought me out for Human Design Coaching in 2021, he followed his instinct more than logic based on a YouTube video. He owned a heavy equipment brokerage, in debt $100K, was frustrated with his contractors and the quality of leads. Ted wanted to close his business and build a website and podcast platform to mentor and counsel people.

Instead of closing his business, we looked at what was working well and what he could alter to the frustrating aspects. After cleaning up loose ends, he invested in a website that organized his products and database, increased his outreach, and refined his marketing approaches.

Ted had a few personal behaviors that distracted him from making better decisions in his work and with support he eliminated those habits. Soon after he began practicing his Human Design strategies, like waiting out his emotional waves.

Eventually, the financial rewards kicked in, and now he and his wife are homeowners, have stopped borrowing from the bank, and are taking family vacations for the first time in over five years.

Marketing – in his words. “You showed me I could market my business in a way that works with my Design. You encouraged me to slow down to reflect on what I wanted, not what the marketing experts said, or everyone else was doing. My success is not only in my business, but I can indulge in my creative interests – free of stress and worry.”

Clues to Solve the Mysteries of Marketing in Your Human Design Chart

Suppose you feel challenged in your marketing efforts or want to upgrade your professional relationships. Start by looking at these three areas of your chart.


Following your Human Design strategy at work is as important as your personal life. Here is a quick review of each. For more information, read this post.

Pure Generators/Builders They are process-oriented.

Manifesting Generators/SpecialistsThey are action-oriented.

Manifestors/InitiatorsThey are results oriented.

Projectors/CoordinatorsThey are success oriented.

Reflectors/ObserversThey are perception oriented.


Your Profile reveals your leadership potential and the best ways of approaching professional relationships. Pay attention to lines 1-6 next to your personality Sun. For example, if your Personality Sun is 43.4, note how the 4th line adds value.

Line 1 – The Investigator – He/she loves to bring facts and research to others. They gain trust when they feel confident in their knowledge base.

Line 2 – The Hermit – He/she loves to bring its passion and creativity. They gain trust when they connect with a call/opportunity to share their perfected enthusiasm.

Line 3 – The Martyr – He/she loves to bring experiences and solutions. They gain trust with others as they are grounded and practiced with the material world.

Line 4 – The Opportunists – He/she loves to bring information and influence. They gain trust when seen as a consistent contributor.

Line 5 – The Heretic – He/she loves to bring practical solutions for the betterment of all. They gain trust with their ability to motivate towards goals.

Line 6 – The Role Model – He/she loves to bring vision and expansion of values. They gain trust with their wisdom and win-win approaches.

What motives you?

Within the Variables in Human Design is an aspect called Motivation. In the matrix, motivation refers to what underlines a person’s thinking and actions. Here is where a person’s uniqueness is illustrated. Knowing your Motivations can help you refine your genuine marketing message

Like the Profile, you can find this information based on your Personality, Sun, Color. There are six different motivations.
Note – this quality is not turned on 24/7, it can fluctuate/transfer based on other people or variants.
Also, note each keyword has a deeper meaning.

Line 1 – Fear – He/she values safety and will take action to secure their safety. They will dive deep to get the facts, knowledge, or contacts that will give them the foundation they need to be a credible resource.

Line 2 – Hope – He/she moves beyond survival concerns; they look for how to flow with life. They deliver passionate and positive outcomes when they trust and wait for the correct people/opportunities.

Line 3 – Desire –  He/she is motivated by reaching for and achieving the extraordinary in life. When they follow their desires, they reflect leadership and courage in the material world.

Line 4 – Need – He/she is exceptional at sensing the needs of others. They are admired for tapping into and delivering the correct overview and necessities.

Line 5 –Guilt – He/she is a heat-seeking missile for finding the weak points and bringing a solution. They excel at bringing and facilitating change no matter how the problem was started.

Line 6 – The Role Model – He/she is a natural at finding a holistic view in any situation. To them, all sides are equal and valued. Their objective perspective brings people’s differences together naturally.

If you are still reading and wondering about my Human Design Chart: I am a Pure Sacral Generator, 6/2 Profile (6), LR RR, and Motivation/Color is Guilt (5).

By incorporating these three Human Design principles into your marketing message, your unique talents shine bright to attract your audience.

A personal Human Design Session

Discovery how to apply your natural abilities to your marketing and professional relationships.

Watch for my June Post – I explain the six steps to consider in every marketing message.

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