What is the Human Design System?

Since 1997, people have been enhancing their self-awareness through a pearl of ancient wisdom called the Human Design System. Some call it the modern day Astrology. It is a synthesis of modern science and ancient wisdom like Astrology, I Ching, the Chakra System and more. This combination provides insights into our true nature and a comprehensive framework to understand the nature of humans.

Human Design recognizes the uniqueness in every individual.

We each have a specific genetic energy pattern that comes alive through our Human Design Chart. From your birth information, we generate a body graph, or blueprint, that containing your strengths, tendencies, as well as your role and purpose.

Understanding your patterns helps you engage with life with clarity and confidence by making better choices.

Why Human Design?

  • Reconnect with your primal power
  • Use your power to harmonize your personal relationships
  • Direct your business / career to bring results with less effort
  • Feel connected to confidence and relaxed in your body

Where do I start with Human Design?

Human Design provides a logical process that is both complex and simple.  Begin with the simple by knowing your Type.

There are four primary Types of people recognized through the Human Design System. No one type is better than another; each Type has its strengths, gifts, and unique character. Knowing your Type and experimenting with the suggested strategies more consistently allows your truth and your life purpose to emerge organically.

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The Four Types in Human Design

Generators & Manifesting Generators

Generator and Manifesting Generators are approximately 33% or Generators, and 35% of our population are Manifesting Generators. They have easy access to their power and clarity when they allow the wisdom of their sacral/sexual energy guide them versus ‘trying’ to figure it out in their head. They are creative builders who can organize, sustain, and complete what’s been initiated.

Some key characteristics are:

  • An incredible gift of the life force, sacral energy
  • Resonate deeply to nature and all living things
  • They experience joy and fulfillment when they are passionately engaged in their life’s work
  • It is normal for them to hit a plateau, feel stuck, or frustrated
  • Their vibrant energy is sought after and works best when others come to them first


Projectors make up approximately 20% of our population. Unlike Generators who have constant and consistent life force energy available to them, Projectors do not. They rely on their intellect, observations, and the energy of others. Their life strategy is to wait for an invitation for life events (career, bonding, relationship, and location).

Some key characteristics are:

  • Natural leaders and teachers
  • They desire to study and understand other people
  • Instincts to guide other peoples energies
  • They can become bitter when they do not get included or feel welcomed
  • They shine when asked for their input


Manifestors consist of 8% of our population. Nike’s famous advertising slogan, “just do it” was geared for our Manifestors in the world. They can act alone yet. It is wise for them to collaborating and delegating and save their energy to initiate. Their strategy for life is to inform others before they act.

Some key characteristics are:

  • They can take action and manifest independently of the other Types
  • Take action, initiate, innovate, they must ‘do it.’
  • Often feel angry when others slow them down
  • Their greatest gift is their ability to impact others


Reflectors make up less than 2% of our population. Once they understand their unique role, they can tap into their immense wisdom. They are gifted and wise individuals who have much to contribute to the betterment of our society. The Strategy for Reflector is to wait for invitations and discuss their choices with trusted allies to hear their truth emerge.

  • They are very changeable and flexible
  • They can tune in and read others and the overall environment with perfect equanimity
  • They can feel disappointed about their uniqueness
  • Need time alone often each day
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Nattalee K Lillico - Human Design

Human Design Coach – Nattalee K Lillico

Nattalee Lillico has been on the cutting edge of personal, professional, and spiritual development since her mid-20’s. Already established as a life coach, she discovered Human Design in 1999 and recognized immediately as her life’s calling. In her first Human Design session, she knew this information held the keys for her, her clients, and for anyone who wanted to elevate their life.

She is an accredited Human Design Analyst and Teacher since 2006.

If you are ready to take the first steps to align with your design, I have the tools and the experience to guide you to achieve your desires, gain the focus and structure to move forward.

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