In-Depth Human Design Sessions

Expanding your understanding
of Your Human Design Chart

Interested in progress and tangible results? If you resonate with Human Design, allow Nattalee to lead the way.
She is direct and explains your chart comprehensively so you can deepen your understanding and use it to live aligned with your purpose.

in-depth human design reading

Human Design In-Depth Foundation

Want to you know who you are ~ profoundly?
Ever wonder why ‘things’ are the way they are for you but not for others?


  • The Human Design basics and an expanded look at your Centers, Channels, and Gates.
  • An in-depth look at your Incarnation Cross & Prime Gifts. Your INC is 70% of your nature, viewed from four different sources.
  • 50+ minutes recorded personalize analyst
  • Personalized actions steps to integrate your understanding
  • Easy to follow along handouts/visuals
  • 60-minute live Q&A session one week later to anchor your understanding & strategies
  • Two downloadable recordings
  • The most comprehensive Human Design Experience
Human design genius report

The Genius Report

Human Design for professional use.
Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Freelancers, and for career transition/development

This in-depth session focuses on your strengths, gifts, and unique success formula for professional relationships and development.
You’ll discover how your leadership impacts teams and organizations, your talent superpowers, how you get sustainable results, and so much more.

  • Pre-session email includes:  Assessment questions and your 10-page Genius Report
  • A 60-minute live session to review your report and explore your preferences and direction
  • Go deep to examine your talents and potential for development
  • Explore how you behave in negotiations, working in teams, in conflict situations, and much more
  • Create action steps to strengthen your Genius
  • One week later, you’ll receive a live 20-minute progress session with Nattalee
  • Two downloadable recordings
prime gifts human design session

Human Design & Prime Gifts Session

This in-depth session provides profound insights into your Human Design Incarnation Cross and GeneKeys Prime Gifts. Learn and turn on your inner compass to align with True North Star ~ your life’s purpose.

  • 60-minute live interactive session with Nattalee
  • Experience your true identity revealed in your Human Design Incarnation Cross & Profile
  • Discover your four primary Gifts > your Life’s Work, What grounds you, what lights you up, and Soul Purpose
  • You will receive both (PDF) the short and long version of your Prime Gifts
  • Action steps to express your purpose
  • Your session recording download link

Human Design Client Feedback

I feel more confident to promote and structure my business!
Meeting Nattalee has been the most significant help in my journey so far. I feel more confident to promote and structure my business so that it serves my clients to prosper but also myself beautifully. 

KK, Health Coach

I took a huge leap forward after my sessions. 

Her work is elegant and professional with a transmission that’s worth its weight in gold! I took a huge leap forward after my sessions. 

AB, Entrepreneur

My best year ever, in all areas of my life, was the year I worked with Nattalee.

EK, Commercial Realtor

I understand who I am!

Deciding to have an analysis with Nattalee is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m excited to begin my new year with far less baggage. I understand who I am and can stop the doubting and criticism.

Mary Lou, Concord, Ca

This has been life changing for me.

From my Human Design session with Nattalee I felt grounded in who I am. It was beneficial and invigorating, so much so that I’m convinced anyone who has a meeting with her would have similar profoundly moving experiences. This has been life changing for me!

Cynthia B., Psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

You really “got” me!

You really “got” me at a level I have not experienced before. I am looking forward to listening again and again. I want to thank you from my heart! You’re *very* good at this and I appreciate it!”

Kim B, Psychotherapist, Phoenix, AZ

I am inspires me to be in alignment with my passion and purpose.

It’s very evident that this is your purpose, and it’s lovely to hear the passion in your voice. It inspires me to be in alignment with my passion and purpose, as well as it gives me an idea of what it sounds like. You’ve shown me a fresh way.

KT, Model & Healer, Oakland, CA

I love how this information helps me make better decisions.

I found my reading extreme extremely comprehensive and pertinent to my life situations. I love how the information helps me make better decisions. I notice I am more accepting of who I am.

Maye S. , Attorney, NYC

Immediately, I began getting along better with my husband.

You make all of this (Human Design) so easy and user-friendly. Immediately, I began getting along better with my husband. Thank you so much!

SH, Parent and Teacher, Houston, TX

I am open to explore options I would not have considered.

Your descriptions and insights of my essences have inspired me to explore options I would not have considered. I look forward to working with you again soon!

D.K. , Executive Coach, Ontario, CA

This was an incredible experience on so many levels!

I think you are utterly amazing – both in a business perspective and, as a human – your heart. I have gained greater confidence, a sense of self, excitement and… clarity. Clarity feels good. You’re a genuine leader – you have so much kindness, compassion, wisdom, love and natural giving support in you. It was incredible on so many levels to receive your guidance. Thank you kindly! 1/3 Man Gen. Coach and Trainer

Rachel Coaching and Entrepreneur, Vancouver BC, Your Content Goes Here