January is a transition month. Like Kenny Rogers’ song, The Gambler, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em.” I invite you to hold ’em for the next few weeks before you act.

The Power of Pausing and Planning to Find Peace of Mind

The power of pausing and planning is not limited to finding peace of mind; it helps you sync with your natural rhythm and pace. People who prioritize time for themselves and plan for work/life balance have improved results and mental health.

  • Can you commit to taking longer pauses and planning time this year?
  • Why put off more peace of mind or feeling like you have breathing room?

What do pausing and planning look like?

Noah, a coaching client (4/1, Sacral Generator, LL LL), is a gifted artist and works in high-tech. His primary goal is to phase out his corporate job in the next five years. Life for him and his family was OK, but he knew he needed support to advance his goals. I recommended he use one of my coaching tools, Re-assess Your Time. (You can download Re-assess Your Time free until January 21)

Following the instructions, he evaluated his routines, free time, hobbies, distractions, and habits.

He discovered the number of hours watching TV could have been more beneficial. He revealed he had said yes to more than his share at work that many times rolled into his weekend. He found that his priorities to exercise, family outings, and artistic pursuits had taken a back seat.

From these realizations, he added exercise to his morning (before his family wakes up), cut back on watching TV at night, scheduled time during the day on his calendar for art and other projects, and moved a portion of his work projects to the evening. Immediately, Noah saw favorable results.

Do you think Noah has more peace of mind? Feels better about his corporate job? Is he more conscious about what and when he says yes? Has he improved the quality of his health and relationships? Yes, on all accounts and more.

What could you gain from pausing and planning?

Work/life balance is an essential aspect of any person’s life, and it is the balance between work and other parts of life such as relationships, family, friends, hobbies, etc. However, achieving a work/life balance can be a difficult task because life is unpredictable. Meetings go long, family members need our attention, and it is hard to strike the perfect balance. You can bring more awareness to your sense of balance and peace of mind by choosing how you schedule your time.

Want to experience what Noah is enjoying?

For starters, I invite you to download, Re-assess Your Time to assess any time wasters you may have.

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