Learn About Yourself

Learn About Yourself

40-minute Breakthrough Session, Based on your Human Design Chart – First Time Clients Only


What is Human Design? We each have a unique design, as individual as our fingerprint that unveils how we are meant to thrive and succeed in life. Human Design offers you your own reliable inner GPS. As you learn more about your chart, you’ll discover the themes and purpose of your life in specific detail so you can’t get lost again.

This session is perfect if you are new to Human Design and want guidance to understand your uniqueness.

Perhaps you are not new but want to speak with an expert about your Design or a specific area of your life.

Nattalee has a Profile as a Role Model (6/2). If you too are a Role Model, you’ll gain profound insights about how this applies to your everyday life.

This session is not a Human Design ‘reading’ instead it is specific Design insights to:

> Increase your self-awareness and acceptance

> Experience your way to making better choices

> Recognition and recommendations

> Strategies to address an aspect of your life that you want to transform

Included with your purchase:

> Appropriate resource tools, handouts

> Your session recording

First-time clients – if you have been to one of Nattalee’s groups but have not had a one-on-one session with Nattalee, you may purchase this offer.

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The Human Design System is based on your birth information. Your time of birth is particularly important.

Nattalee’s brings over two decades experiencing with typology, both traditional ones like Meyers-Briggs or DISC and nontraditional tools like Astrology and Numerology. Human Design and the Genius Report are the most accurate of her research. She has utilized her Design specifics since 1999, and a has been a professional analyst and teacher since 2006.

Her comprehensive approach includes both mechanics and mysticism. Your Design tells her what you need to know to increase your awareness and alignment. Her delivery is interwoven with humor, compassion, and whatever it takes for you to align with * more peace of mind * embracing your strengths * elevating your well-being.

Investment is $62.00.

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