Learn About Yourself

Learn About Yourself

40-minute Breakthrough Session, Based on your Human Design Chart – First Time Clients Only


Today, more than ever, we need to know who we are at our core, what makes us tick, and how we can amplify our natural talents and gifts.

It is human nature to want to progress and refine our lives.

Since 1997 people have been finding self-awareness through a pearl of ancient wisdom called Human Design. We each have a unique Design, as individual as our fingerprint, that unveils how we are made to thrive and succeed in life.

This session is about YOU, where you are, and what changes you want to make. Using your Human Design chart, we will explore how you can make those shifts and changes that aligned with your uniqueness, with less effort.

New to Human Design? This session will provide specific insights and strategies that you can put into action – now.

Not new, but want to speak with an expert about your Design? This session is perfect deeper understanding of yourself and aligning to what works for you.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.
~ Eckert Tolle

From your 1-1 40-minute live session with Nattalee, you’ll

  • Increase your self-awareness and acceptance
  • Recieve recognition for what is most natural and authentic for you
  • Gain confidence and clarity on any decisions you are making

Included with your purchase:

> Handout and resource tools

> Your session recording

First-time clients – if you have been to one of Nattalee’s groups but have not had a one-on-one session with Nattalee, you may purchase this offer.

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The Human Design System is based on your birth information. Your time of birth is particularly important.

Investment is $62.00.

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