Human Design Chart Free Consultation

Human Design FREE Consultation

Are you seeking ~
Greater Alignment
with your True Nature?

Nattalee takes a no-nonsense and comprehensive approach
to serve your needs and desire for positive change.

Human Design Readings or Coaching can help you

Nattalee has been serving people with Human Design Coaching and readings since 2004. Human Design is a powerful tool that allows you to get a number of answers and be a powerful tool to guide you on your unique path.

  • Gain clarity on your true calling

  • Understand & increase your strengths

  • Gain direction &  fulfillment in your work/career

  • Understand who you are and why

  • Find harmony and compatibility in your personal and professional relationships

If you are seeking a guide to awaken your clarity
and unique direction book a no obligation consultation.

Nattalee K Lillico – Human Design Expert & Coach

I have been a seeker and sampler of all things in personal, professional, and spiritual development since my 20s. Then, I realized my depression would not go away unless I made some drastic changes. I did not know then that my Soul’s passion and purpose was to heal myself and spark others on their healing path.

Staying true to my Human Design, I have followed many twists and turns of synchronicity in the last 30+ years. I know deeply I am living my life’s calling.

It would honor me to support you in knowing who you are and expressing your gifts and fullest potential.

I have been living and teaching Human Design since 1999. I have an intensive course study with Gene Keys (2006) and the first Genius Report Coach and Teacher in the United States in 2016.

I am looking forward to helping you Align with Your Human Design.

Nattalee K Lillico - Human Design Coach and Expert