Projectors are natural-born managers and leaders. They represent a modern and directive style of leadership, unlike the (soon to be) former dictator style. They’re gifted with a keen intellect and sensitivity which enhances their ability to pick up on the subtleties of people and the environment. They have an internal drive and a built-in formula for success.

Success comes to them when they cultivate their passions and innate talents.

Famous Projectors include Steven Spielberg, John F. Kennedy, Demi Moore, Paul McCartney, and Princess Diana.

The challenges for Projectors are they are wired to focus and respond to others, preferable after someone has asked or invited them.  Sometimes they are confronted with the dilemma of waiting until others recognize their gifts and talents, even when they know what the best solution is.  Pushing ahead, they will meet resistance instead of assistance.

Their energy supply is limited. Therefore, success comes to them by their internal focus and not has a workhorse.  A common trap for Projector is to over-do, over-give, and over-extend. Even with the purest intentions, their involvement with others can lead to frequent bouts of exhaustion.

How do Projectors market their business or advance their career?

Projectors have advantage and influence:

  • As a natural coordinator and collaborator – Projectors have an acute sense of people.  When they use discernment to assess other people’s skills and how they might fit with theirs, or someone else in their network, they and others see results.
    Projectors, ask yourself; Do my professional relationships appreciate what I bring to the table? Make a note when others resist your presence or suggestions. You’ll get better results when you can accept that you can’t fit in with every group.
  • As a guide and director – Projectors benefit from a solid education and continuing to develop their coaching and leadership skills and allows them to increase their ability to influence others and build your community outreach.
  • When a Projector is at the workplace, stay alert that the environments are not too crowded, such as cubical layout. Projector needs breaks during their day, to be alone and away from other people.
  • When a Projector is a consultant or therapist type of career, they can control their schedule by regulating breaks and how many clients they see in one day.
  • In a perfect world, Projectors would be invited to everything, such as starting a Facebook page, creating a webpage, or writing an article. The marketplace has not evolved to know how to treat the different Types. However, if a Projector a skilled writer or other marketing activities – they can reach out and let people know their services.

In conclusion, the most successful Projectors understanding their Human Design chart and the charts of their family or team.  They know their skill set, what kinds of companies or people are a match for their services, and they observe for possible opportunities.

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