Generator and Manifesting Generators also referred to as a Builder is one of the four Human Design Types that carries the energy supply for people and projects.

Their life force energy regenerates and unfolds when it is in response to the environment. The Builder’s life force calls to be utilized, not given away to just anything but used in a way that brings satisfaction and enjoyment to them in return.

The Builder’s challenge as a business owner or team leader is they can say  “yes” to the demands at work but later feel burden by too many tasks.

Another way Builders can get overwhelmed or frustrated is when they agree to give their time and energy from feelings of obligation or thinking they should do it. When frustration arises it is a message for the Builder that they have devoted their energy to something that is not suitable for them.

Alternately they can experience restlessness when they are sitting around doing nothing. Periods of rest and restoration for the Builder are necessary and allow them time to reflect on which projects or people are most engaging and satisfying.

There are many aspects of Marketing, as described in the Genius Report. It is best for the Generator to explore what parts of marketing are most attractive and aligned for them.

To optimize the Builder’s energy

  • Seek ways to stay open to cooperation, interaction, and communication with others.
  • Wait for others to initiate plans and use their energy to develop and sustain it.
  • Pull back when you are pushing or rushing too quickly into projects.

Generator and Manifesting Generator, to find your best marketing style

Experiment by noticing and observing if you have the energy and passion for a specific marketing activity such as speaking, trade shows, or writing articles.

Be open and willing to “test it out” to see which activities resonate and bring results to come back to you. You may find you have more energy for networking groups, online discussions, writing articles, making phone calls, or speaking to groups.

One of the most valuable marketing strategies for you is to dialogue with other team members or colleagues. Include others to help you grow your business.

What have you found to be your most valuable Marketing activities or strategies?  Your comments are appreciated.

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