happy children 3As a child did you feel like you had to ‘behave’ to survive? Were you raised in a controlling environment? Did your parents lay down the law? Did you hide out, become an overachiever, or people please so as not to get in trouble from an angry, depressed, or emotionally unstable parent? These are just some of the behavior patterns many us have had to maneuver in our early years. Besides mentioned, my overlay included Catholicism (parochial education) and old-school Italian ethics and standards.
A client, Susie (not her real name) came to me for Human Design coaching. She was well established in her career along with a rich and broad spiritual education and practice. Even so, she was compelled to learn how to align with her Design to release her embedded patterns of obligation. She learned early on that people-pleasing would protect her mother from another spell of deep depression. Growing up and as an adult, Susie followed the overachiever route and people-pleasing to mask her true alignment and pleasure.

Susie, 6/2 Pure Sacral Generator, Triple Split, age 65

Through our coaching and sacral sessions she discovered that all along, she was aware of her gut response but ignored them. Instead, her choices of the past were intended to please her mother, her lover, her friends, or her colleagues. She revealed she knew to go against her gut to please others would ultimately end up with her being burned out, depleted, and would require extra recovery time but she didn’t know how to or have the support to make choices based on what gave her pleasure. She needed a guide to explain her Design and how to get the most from her innate energy patters.
kaboompics.com_Blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood tableSusie’s experiment was to break down each obligation she had placed on herself, re-examined her choices and agree only to her gut response as a YES. Within months everything in her life improved: financially, socially, professionally, and most of all her well being and stamina.
I wish that I could share with you our session recordings so you too could hear her glee as she stated; “I’m on the pleasure program, yahoo!”
Breaking and changing our childhood victim patterns is not easy but it IS POSSIBLE TO REWIRE YOURSELF FOR MORE PLEASURE.
Generators of all the Human Design Types have a direct response, through their gut (Sacral Center) to know if something or someone is going to satisfy their nature. It takes some practice but unequivocally it is there – there in their tummy area. All Types are connected to their pleasure meter. Our soul, our essence is tuned for pleasure and it informs us through our emotional state.
meterWhere is your pleasure meter set? I invite you to look in the mirror, right now, you’ll know if your pleasure gauge is on high, low or somewhere in between, even when you feel tired. Pleasure indicators can include: Bright or smiling eyes, deeper breathing patterns, feeling warmth or calm from the inside out, or relaxed shoulders to name a few.
How about you? Are your childhood patterns still controlling you and your career or relationship choices? Would you like to fast track, like Susie, and use your Design to reset your patterns? Would better well being and more stamina raise your pleasure meter and support your life direction?
We are being faced with unprecedented challenges. You don’t have to go it alone. If you were meant to go it alone you would be the only one here. But you are not alone…there are at least another 7 Billion people on this planet.

I invite you to reach out for support and take advantage of my special offer ~ Connect to your inner knowing and clarity, learn to make choices that cultivate pleasure, your pleasure.

Until next time, Love Yourself More …

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