Almost everyone I speak to is in the process of retooling how and what they do professionally. Money and status are no longer big motivators. Instead, purpose orientation, self-realization, exemplary leadership, and working with like-mind collaborators have risen to the top.

More people are moving away from the working model that produces overwhelm and frustration. They realize the cost of that model is too high and not sustainable.

Can you relate?

Our professional future depends on us knowing and living by our true talents. Imagine a world where businesses, groups, and individuals contribute in a way that is focused and aligned with who they are – their natural genius!

There is a revolution being forging by companies, freelancers, and solo-business owners that know playing/working from each person’s strengths is paramount to creating a sustainable future.

The Genius Report aligns with this revolution by supporting you to prepare and steer your future. Many of the old ways of hiring staff or promoting based on seniority are becoming obsolete. Or perhaps you are crafting a solo-business and seeking other purpose-driven work environments and associates.

Either way, your individuality, and creativity is a precious commodity.

What is the Purpose Behind the Genius Report?

Genius Report - Human Design

The Genius Report is a blueprint to empower your desired results as well as your team. It is not only suitable for self-reflection and coaching, but also for use in HR selection as well as in HR development, team, and organizational development.

Since 2016 I have committed to studying and utilizing the Genius Report to support professionals to advance their careers towards positive change. Many of you have received your free report from me or had Genius Report Coaching sessions. I am leaping to the next phase to support the revolution by offering you a group experience.

To understand more about the groups and if they are aligned with your needs,
I invite you to answer a short survey  Group descriptions are included in the survey.

Plus, here are three Genius Report youtube videos available for you, each approx. 17 min.

Nattalee is available for a private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops, and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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