Private Coaching Package

Human Design coaching with Nattalee cuts to the core of your challenges
and brings practical solutions to your life and business.

You know the accuracy of your Human Design chart; now what?

How do you use this profound and not-so-mainstream analysis in your daily life and work?

How do you build on your potential and genius that is laid out in your Design?

Human Design for life coaching

Optimize your efforts and succeed in

  • Career and Business Transitions

  • Professional and Business Development

  • Marketing Refinement

  • Time, Energy, and Money Alignment

Human Design Integration can support you to

  • Implement Your Human Design understanding into precise plans and actions

  • Communicate with authentic influence

  • Accountability, Do more than you usually would on your own

  • Optimize your productivity and results

  • Liberate yourself from over-extending

Human Design for life coaching

Included in this Human Design Individual Coaching Program

  • 1-1 coaching 6 Months includes 12 sessions
    $3050.00 value that includes assessment and 2x 55-minute sessions per month

  • Bonus Session and Genius Report 10-page – value $350

    1-1 Integration session & Genius Report – Learn more
  • TMA Program – value $750
    3 Module Program with over 20 video lessons & 90-page workbook – Learn more

  • All sessions are guided by your needs and the reflection of your Human Design and Genius talents.
    Sessions are recorded for your continued learning

Total Value: $4150

Your Investment: $3100

Save $1050 by committing to the coaching program.

Instalment options are available by request. Click here to contact Nattalee about what is possible.

Private Coaching Testimonials

“My six months coaching experience with Nattalee has been truly rewarding. I have learned to communicate clearly with my team and demonstrate my leadership skills.

I began working with Nattalee at the onset of a career transition to a new company with demanding expectations. I learned how to express my needs at work and with my family which allowed me more personal time and minimized potential burnout.

Nattalee is a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance even through the most challenging environments I have experienced. She has a natural ability to help me recognize my potential and hence increase my confidence in every area of my life.

Human Design and Human Design coaching came to me at the perfect time in my life. I am forever grateful to Nattalee for her wisdom and guidance.

I highly recommend you engage with her processes; you’ll be so glad you did!”

Kirsten L, Fortune 500 Tech Company

“I had accomplished a lot in my career by WORKING SO HARD to make things happen. I felt unsatisfied and unfinished. I used to doubt whether I had followed the right path. I questioned how to find more FLOW and ease in my life.

With Nattalee’s coaching, I released tremendous stress and pressure and found more peace of mind almost immediately. Her coaching style and structures brought me results. Within weeks, I got four new contracts with two more in the works!

What is the most fantastic life changer is I discovered what I want to be when I grow up! My path is clear as a bell.

I’ve already referred Nattalee to many friends and when you have the opportunity, which is NOW, find out more about who you are… and get some indispensable tools for your life journey.”

Maria, Best Selling Author and Real Estate Developer