• Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for everything in your life. Sync-up your alignment through Human Design.

    The Human Design System provides a holistic understanding of your physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. Do you push to get what you want and then feel exhausted or unfulfilled? Have you been pulled off track or lose your energy to please others? These types of misalignments began happening early on from parents, teachers, and well-meaning authority figures. Unaware, it was easier to treat children the same, placing desks in a straight row, and punishment to correct behavior. Unfortunately, these conditions did not allow each child to bloom as its unique flower.
  • Venus Sequence Consultation Package Through the wisdom of Venus (and other parts of your Human Design Chart) you’ll realize your specific manner of blocking love and harmony. There too, we find the keys that will open your pure divine loving heart and dispel the myth of the victim in our human drama. Because we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of our emotions, many times it doesn’t feel safe to be present to our reactions and feelings. Being present, observing, and embracing our conditioning/wound/feelings when they show up, is precisely what releases our gifts and freedom. The way out is in. The magic is inside of you, so you must be present to access this magic.
  • Gain accurate insights into your Purpose, Competencies, and Leadership Style

    You are good at a lot of things. – What are the right things that bring you results? Leveraging your right work opportunities and activities so you shine does not mean working more extended hours. You want to invest your talents and strengths with the right people, projects, and actions that bring recognition and reward. Envision truly recognizing and trusting your core competencies, so your efforts have a positive impact and influence. Within the Professional Development Package, you’ll uncover new ways to contribute that not only meet your goals but inspires greatness in others.
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