Alignment & Fulfillment Package

Alignment & Fulfillment Package

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for everything in your life.
Sync-up your alignment through Human Design.

The Human Design System provides a holistic understanding of your physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment.

Do you push to get what you want and then feel exhausted or unfulfilled?

Have you been pulled off track or lose your energy to please others?

These types of misalignments began happening early on from parents, teachers, and well-meaning authority figures. Unaware, it was easier to treat children the same, placing desks in a straight row, and punishment to correct behavior. Unfortunately, these conditions did not allow each child to bloom as its unique flower.


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What to Expect

Each session allows for open dialog. To get the most from your studies & sessions, you’ll want to prepare a summary of your experience and knowledge of Human Design as well as schedule your appointments every two weeks. Email your review to Nattalee 72 hours before your first session.
No experience is required.

Session One and Two: Your experience and understanding will determine the sessions.

  • Overview of your Human Design Chart. Discover what activities and situations that can cause misalignment and brings you back to alignment.
  • Distinctions of where you have an influence on others and where others have an influence on you
  • Develop your skill for making better choices
  • Recommended experiments to increase your self-awareness

Session Three

  • Progress evaluation
  • Reinforcing your understandings and strengths
  • Take away a short list of practices to stay aligned with your Design

Alignment and Fulfillment Package also includes:

  • Three 55-minute live sessions, based on your Human Design
  • Your Prime Gifts based on your Incarnation Cross and Gene Keys
  • Personalize action practices to enhance your self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Reference tools, handouts, and recordings

The Human Design System is based on your birth information. Your time of birth is particularly important.

Nattalee’s brings over two decades experiencing with typology, both traditional ones like Meyers-Briggs or DISC and nontraditional tools like Astrology and Numerology. Human Design and the Genius Report are the most accurate of her research. She has utilized her Design specifics since 1999 and a has been a professional analyst and teacher since 2006.

Her comprehensive approach includes both mechanics and mysticism. Your Design tells her what you need to know to increase your awareness and alignment. Her delivery is interwoven with humor, compassion, and whatever it takes for you to align with * more peace of mind * embracing your strengths * elevating your well-being.