Genius Report Service

Genius Report

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your business or career direction?

Want to clarify what you bring to the table that no one else does?

This Advanced session focuses on your strengths, gifts, and unique success formula for your professional relationships and development.

You’ll discover how your leadership impacts teams and organizations,  your talent superpower, how you get sustainable results, and so much more.

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The Genius Report is adapted from your Human Design chart.


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The Genius Report is about your future!

Many of the old ways of promoting your business or hiring staff are becoming obsolete. Gain clarity to progress your professional life.

This Advanced session includes:

  • Assessment questions in advance concentrating on your priorities
  • A 50-minute live session explore your preferences and direction
  • Your 10-page Genius Report
  • Your talents and potentials for development
  • How you behave in negotiations, in cooperation, in conflict situations, and much more
  • Action Steps to strengthen your Genius
  • 20-minute progress session one week later
  • Two downloadable recordings