Prime Gifts

Human Design and Prime Gifts Session

Ready to activate and align with your Life’s Purpose?

You were born with your life purpose. Seek no more!

The transmission of your Prime Gifts will unlock, activate, and give you direction and certainty.

In essence, this session is both your Human Design Incarnation Cross and GeneKeys Prime Gifts.  Set your compass aligned with True North Star.

You’ll feel more relaxed and confident in life and career choices.

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    Important: Please make sure you state AM or PM for your reading to be accurate. If your birth time is estimated, please let me know in advance.


The Advanced Prime Gifts reading is for anyone who wants to know, be true, and live as their Soul intended.
Basic Human Design knowledge is helpful but not required.

This session includes:

  • 55-minute live interactive session with Nattalee
  • Experience your true identity revealed in your Human Design Incarnation Cross & Profile
  • Discover your four primary Gifts > your Life’s Work, Evolution, Soul Radiance and Soul Purpose
  • You will receive both (PDF) the short and long version of your Prime Gifts
  • Action steps to express your purpose
  • Your session recording download link