Personal Relationship Package

Personal Relationship Package

Venus Sequence Consultation Package

Through the wisdom of Venus (and other parts of your Human Design Chart) you’ll realize your specific manner of blocking love and harmony. There too, we find the keys that will open your pure divine loving heart and dispel the myth of the victim in our human drama.

Because we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of our emotions, many times it doesn’t feel safe to be present to our reactions and feelings. Being present, observing, and embracing our conditioning/wound/feelings when they show up, is precisely what releases our gifts and freedom. The way out is in.
The magic is inside of you, so you must be present to access this magic.


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What to Expect

Each session allows for open dialog. Before your first session, you’ll want to prepare a summary of your relationship history that includes what has worked and what has not. To get the most from your sessions, email your review to Nattalee 72 hours before your first session as well as schedule your sessions about two weeks apart.

Sessions are by phone or zoom and are recorded.

Session One and Two

Your childhood story and conditioning are revealed, including:

  • Your emotional trigger and reactive habits
  • Childhood defenses for survival
  • Your primary needs in an intimate relationship
  • Soul wounding that you are clearing in this lifetime
  • Practical steps to alter the patterns and allow emotional fulfillment

Session Three
Discover what is getting in the way of your abundance, not just money, but feeling connected to the right people who want to work with you. Discover your:

  • Attraction Pattern – understand your repeating and disturbing patterns that pull you from your peaceful center
  • Blocks to your wealth – know your gifts and how to bring them to the forefront for fulfillment
  • Awareness to make better choices

You’ll gain:

  • Your specific self-care practices for authentic love and healing
  • Communication skills for more trustworthy connection
  • Recommendations for integration and healing.
  • Reference materials for supporting what is covered in your sessions and may be used to understand your loved ones

Nattalee discovered Human Design in 1999 (a professional in 2006) and the Gene Keys in 2006. She is the first generation to study the Venus Sequence with Richard Rudd and his initial team. She holds both systems as a separate and unified body for profound self-awareness and self-healing.