Professional Development Package

Professional Development Package

Gain accurate insights into your Purpose, Competencies, and Leadership Style

You are good at a lot of things. – What are the right things that bring you results?

Leveraging your right work opportunities and activities so you shine does not mean working more extended hours. You want to invest your talents and strengths with the right people, projects, and actions that bring recognition and reward.

Envision truly recognizing and trusting your core competencies, so your efforts have a positive impact and influence.

Within the Professional Development Package, you’ll uncover new ways to contribute that not only meet your goals but inspires greatness in others.


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What to Expect

Each session allows for an open dialog to clarify your priorities and desired changes.

Session One and Two

  • Understand which aspects of the business and marketing cycles you are best suited for
  • Your native strengths, Leadership Style, talents, and most productive work setting
  • Review and assess your website and top work priorities
  • Establish structures (Time) and actions that will initiate the changes you want
  • Feedback and Accountability

Session Three

  • Progress evaluation
  • Review, recognize, reinforced, redirect, and recommendations
  • Procedures and accountability to endure working within your sweet spot

The Professional Development Package also includes:

  • Your 10-page professional profile from The Genius Report (Learn More)
  • A Genius Report Learning Guide
  • Appropriate Reference Tools
  • Zoom or Phone session
  • Session Recordings

To get the most from your sessions, you’ll want to prepare a summary of your top work priorities and reasons for working with Nattalee as well as schedule your meetings every two weeks. Email your review to Nattalee 72 hours before your first meeting.