Venus Sequence Basics on Emotional Patterns


This includes a 60-minute recording and a Keynote Handout, you’ll uncover

  • Your behaviors patterns that interfere with relating
  • Practical tools to self-nurture and keep you centered
  • Simple communication approaches for each to cultivate harmony


Who can put a price on quality relationships?

On the surface, we can get along with the guy at the auto repair shop or the gal that cuts our hair. However, when it comes to our more meaningful relationships, there is another level of emotional intelligence required.

We often hear about people on their death bed wishing they had been closer to their friends and family.  Why wait!?

Learn and transform your negative relationship patterns through the lens of the Venus Sequence.
Based on the Gene Keys from Richard Rudd.



VENUS – represents love, values, beauty, feminine, the sweetness of life, and more.

In the Venus Sequence, the placement of Venus represents our trigger point or entryway to unlocking our potential for healing and connection.

Discover how to transform your emotional triggers.


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