If there was ever a topic that gets hoopla, it is the topic of intimate partnership.  One adage says: Relationships are in constant movement, they cannot stagnate. Relationships are moving towards closer connections, or they’re moving further apart.

Whenever we judge, blame, or avoid conflict, we perpetuate negative we risk trust and harmony.

What actions or intentions move them together? First is agreement and willingness to move closer together, followed with understanding, compassion, acceptance, and clear communication.

One of, if not the most treasured outcomes from learning and experimenting with the  Human Design System has the transformational power to uplevel all relationships.

You might be thinking, well that takes a long time to learn. Not really! By skimming the surface of this knowledge such as Type, Inner Authority, and Centers, you’ll uncover an easy path to acceptance and understanding yourself and your partnerships. You’ll logically discover your potentials for harmony and connection.

Human Design provides a basis for accepting
what is changeable,
fixed and authentic
within each person, each relationship.

People come together to partner for different reasons.  The thread that holds a relationship in place is communication.
Here are three practices for healthier communications are:

  1. When your differences surface, stay calm and when possible, take some time apart. Being calm allows each person to feel safe to speak what is true for them. If you’re emotionally defined your clarity comes over time. For you, it is best to wait to discuss your feelings once you’ve come back to feeling clear and calm. If you are emotionally undefined,d you’ll want to wait to present emotionally charged topics. There’s a part of you that wants to avoid ever talking about differences, but when you had a chance to settle and center yourself, you’ll be able to move towards connection versus away.
  2. Use “I” statements to express your own experience. I notice I feel, I’ve observed, I feel/felt disappointed when I’m noticing I. When you use “I” statements it not only keeps you present to your feelings but it releases blame from the other.
  3. Ask for what you works best for you! If you’re a Generator and you need to be asked yes/no question. Ask for them. If you’re Projector and you don’t feel recognized discuss with your partner what’s in the way or blocking it. If you’re a Manifestor, and you feel confined or restricted, inform your partner that you need more freedom. Explore ways that will help you get what you need. If you’re a Reflector and you’re not getting the time you need to integrate your changeability or to make wise decisions, ask for the space you need to center yourself.