Hello, Generators and Manifesting Generators!  2019 marks my 20th year with Human Design. The following are stories about my early discoveries to answer the question – What does it mean to wait to respond?

I am a pure Sacral Generator with six open centers and no awareness centers defined. The Sacral Center is everything to me. Meaning it is the only part of my Design that is reliable. When I came to Design, I was not aware of my body responses. Formerly, I operated my life by ‘trying’ to make a logical decision or ‘trying’ to control my environment.

The first few years of my experiment were life-changing and dramatic. These stories/experiences showed to me that I could trust my choices and laid my foundation to live a more authentic, purposeful life. The process continues to unfold with me every day.

I am humbled and honored to have discovered this amazingly accurate system that gives me direction and peace of mind.

My passion and wish is that you too discover your truth to live your unique life.

Yours by Design,


It was a late Saturday afternoon in April ’00, driving back from my first of many trips to Cuyamaca’s State Park. The park is located 30-minutes outside the San Diego city limits, with elevations up to 5000 feet. I was driving home after a day of hiking and exploration. The car windows were down, and my favorite Steve Winwood songs were playing. The road curved and stirred me straight into a mountain crest view, with beautiful green rolling hills, and orange and yellow sunset in front of me. In that precious moment, I was in awe, feeling held by nature’s beauty, when I recognized my first (Human Design) “Aha” awareness.

Let’s take a step back from those euphoric moments.

Ten days prior, a close friend called to invite me to a Saturday afternoon lecture and healing session. This invitation was the kind of thing I would generally say, “Yes,” automatically. However, I was in my first six months of my Human Design investigation and experimentation. I’m a pure Sacral 6/2 Generator with six open Centers (defined Sacral, Heart & G Centers). The advice I’d received pointed out that I should practice making my decisions alone.

Upon receiving this invitation, I thought, I’m not taking any chances here. Maybe even being on the phone could affect my choices? So I told my friend I would call her back to confirm.

Later that day, when I was alone and feeling centered, I asked myself a few yes/no questions to see if I could get a clear answer to go to the lecture/healing. Making a decision based on a gut feeling was new for me. I was the person who moved quickly and reacted with the first thing that came to mind. This invitation seemed like fertile practice ground for me to wait to respond.

In my alone and centered space, I imagined in my mind what it would be like to go to the lecture. I imagined scenarios of being other like-minded women, my close friend, getting healing, learning something new and so on.

I sat in stillness while I posed to myself some yes/no questions like, do I want to go to ____?  Would it benefit me to go to ______? And so on. I saw if I could identify a response. I noticed nothing. No lift in energy or decline, nothing happened.

Then I wrote my questions and read them out loud to myself; “Do I have the energy for this? Is this something positive for me, do I want to do this?”  Again, I felt or heard nothing.

I remembered from group discussions with other Generators that a Sacral response of nothing could be a “no” or just not enough information. Since this was my experiment, I decided to use this event as a test and count this (nothing) response as a no. With no further questioning, I called my friend and declined her invitation.

The following days were busy, and the invitation decision never crossed my mind. Until the day I was driving back from Cuyamaca State Park, which was the day I would have been at the lecture/healing. Had I followed my usual pattern of making quick responses, I’d missed out on my day in nature and the sunset.  It was here, in my blissfulness and picturesque sunset view I realized my Sacral Center had wisdom that my mind did not. “Aha! I get it! My Sacral DID speak/respond to me.” That nothing I felt was something.

I learned so much from this experiment. I looked forward to noticing and experimenting with deciding in a whole novel way. With practice, I’ve found my Sacral Center has three distinct responses:

A. A “yes” signal, which may or may not come with a sound

B. A “no” signal, that may or may not come with a sound

C. Or, nothing signal or sense at all  –  In most instances, I consider my nothing response to be a” no” until other information comes to me. On some occasions, after noticing nothing (no) sensation, I found my body would get up (unconsciously) and go toward a person or event that I had previously considered a no.

As you can see, the life of a Generator is a life of surprise.

Another nuance, to my Design I learned with time, was about having Gate 29, the Gate of Saying Yes. I learned to slow down and notice if my “yes” was from all of me, or just from my shadow of Gate 29 to over-commit. I found it most beneficial for me to wait until I was alone to gain the clarity of my choices.

Walking or movement, while alone, brought my answers quickly.

The Sacral has wisdom, but so does the open Root Center. The shadow pattern from my Root Center can cause me to feel rushed or in a hurry to make a decision.  I quickly learned I HAD to slow down to notice if I was reacting from my open Root Center or responding from my Sacral Center. Making choices from my shadow parts had caused chaos and discord effects on my health, in my relationships, and my alignment.

Have you come to similar conclusions in your Human Design experiment?

About five years into my experiment came another “a-ha” moment.

I had been taking part in a monthly Human Design study group. Each month we would get an email reminder of our class. On one particular month, I read the email notice several times. Each time, I noticed a ‘nothing’ response from my gut. I found this very odd because I consistently went to the group.

By now, I had conducted enough experiments to know my response (nothing) was no, don’t go. I sent a notice to our group leader that I would not be attending. Again, I got busy and gave no more consideration about attending our class.

On the day of the study group, I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine who lives outside my local area.  It just so happened that he was traveling through my neighborhood and would I like to meet him for lunch. I asked him if I could call him back and let him know.

Next, I followed myself-care routine when I need a quick response. After a walk around the block, I was clear on my Sacral response. But this invitation was spontaneous, and in just a few hours. On my walk, I was also noticing if I sensed any fear or hesitation from my (open) Spleen. Happily, spending time with my friend was aligned and a “yes.”

As I was getting out of the car to walk to the restaurant, I realized  “Aha! I got it!” Had I gone to my study group, I would not be available to spend the time with my friend. Now I know why my Sacral response was a  “no” when I read the email about the study group.  I can’t help to wonder – How could my Sacral have known?

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20.  Reflection time is essential to gather your Sacral Wisdom.

What I and others have found it is not until after an event/experience has happened that you can connect the dots.  I invite you to indulge yourself with more reflection time to assess your choices. Notice how past decisions they have felt in your body. Notice what your mind had to say about those decisions too. The answers from your reflections are precious jewels to build your confidence and unfolding an authentic life for you.

Do you have a story to share? Comment? Question?

Use the space below so that others can learn too.

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