Speaking of seasons and timing, I have been watching and flowing with the planetary patterns.
The theme for the last two months (July- August) has been a time for reevaluation.

Have you noticed yourself thinking about, being confronted with, and then shifting priorities in:

  •  Your personal and professional relationships
  •  Better ways to handle your finances
  •  The actions that bring rewards to your work life (and what does not)
  •  Gaining clarity to utilize your resources best (Time, Energy, & Money)

You can thank the planet Venus (Values & Relationships) for guiding you to slow down and reassess these areas of your life.

When is the time to implement and get going?

Fear not; Mercury (Mental Life & Communications) and Venus are starting to move forward. These are indicators for implementing and integrating what you have gleaned from the last few months.

On September 14th, we have a favorable new Moon (Instincts & Change) in Virgo (Work & Health),
informing us it’s time to get to work and implement.

Additionally, the last couple weeks of September are very encouraging to move things forward.

Have you given any thought to:

  • Getting support to achieve your objectives?
  • Investing in yourself and your professional goals?
  • Learn more, embrace, and live aligned with the wisdom of your Human Design chart?

If you are, I invite you to contact me to see how I can support you.

It would be an honor to support you in fulfilling your 2023 goals and ensuring 2024 aligns with what best serves YOUR UNIQUENESS.

Ways to reach me, you can:

  1. Email or text 707.888.3569.
  2. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your options
  3. Would you like more time to review your chart or goals? I offer a 45-minute session.

Remember always ~ Your dreams and aspirations are not merely wishful thinking but the blueprints of your future reality.
Your future is bright, and your potential is limitless.

Nattalee is available for a private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops, and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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